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controversial topic but here goes..

DLC - Full game ($25)

(1) Viking Conquest
(2) Napoleonic
(3) Pike and Shot

DLC - Calradia new faction ($15)

(1) like Greek "Successor" kingdoms - war elephants, piked phalanxes etc
(2) like Chinese
(3) like Japanese samurai
(4) like Roman Republic
(5) like African Shaka Zulu - War Elephants, Rhino rams, Zebra amazon javelineers
(6) like Sumerian - war chariot carts, pulled by ponies or donkeys

MODS - Full Game ($10)

(1) LOTR
(2) GOT

,,more to follow.


My simplified version of the same "what I'll pay for!"

DLC - 20€ if it's SUBSTANTIAL, well done and WELL AFTER the game is in a perfectly playable state, not if it's stuff that should have been in the game from the get go. New factions and the like I wouldn't touch, because modders will inevitably make better stuff.

Stuff I would actually pay for:


Lmao, complete overhaul like a GOT mod (new map, new textures, new factions and what not) is worth less than 1 new faction in Calradia?

Indeed, just stop.


yeh, I would have suggested more but the legal status is ,as we know, border line illegal.
It's straight up illegal and they can't sell it without negotiating a costly license. Which is why you get it for free from (legally criminal) modders.

They could do a fantasy mod/DLC with an original IP, but you can't trust Taleworlds to build an interesting fantasy world if they can't do it for Calradia. It has to be a third party, like the Pendor guys and gals.

Disclosure: I worked both on Pendor and on the LoTR mod TLD, that explains the pimping.


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Once the foundation is done I might want to see a third party studio try their luck with a standalone expansion like Viking Conquest. I feel the problem is TW need a couple of people whos sole role it is to be a content designer adding a lot of all these "extra" things that's not "need to have" but "nice to have". Imagine 3-4 Blocs working full time adding stuff like Gladiator system, freelancer, minor factions, vassal system etc.


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I would pay for any DLC that adds more depth in anyway. If they fix any major issues (like siege AI) before the final release.

Not sure if TW is interested ?.

Of course they´re interested in making more money out of Bannerlord. They made a lot of money with the EA release. So what is better than a lot of money? More money!


16£ #A mod that takes place at spacestation with live cams/functional doors/creatures/repair system(for lights-doors..) /advanced enemy spawn system/advanced suppy drop system to help survive/moving supply cargo ships in advance > etc (continous development & customzation is available ) .

Key words: Space Station/Horror/Creatures/Surviving/Score Based Competition

20£ #A mode that takes places at wild west. Collecting gold from various sources/areas in dangerous competition.. Gold bars that carried on the train each 3 hours(real time) > etc (continous development & customzation is available ) .

Key words: Grinding Gold & Cash/Surviving/Deadly Collisions/Score Based Competition/Deposit & Bank System.

10£ #A mode that offer encounter between the ages.. Series of cultural encounters between the ages, extending to the present. (Maps, cultures are rich & have an order).

Keywords: Time Travel/Ages/Exploration/Epic Fight Series

(btw i can definetly buy other good DLCs, i'm just trying to sell my DLC ideas with highlighted prices ^^ )
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It is such a great game I would certainly buy anything that expands Bannerlord Native/Sandbox. Not really interested in new projects until Bannerlord reaches its potential.

Ser Jon

This reminds me of the fact that I paid for a game and have yet to have it delivered to me as it was promised and advertised. Isn't that funny?
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