What I like and dislike from the last couple updates

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Overall, I have enjoyed the last multiplayer updates. Some stuff I love more than others though. Here is a list of what I think should be kept and what should be changed in the up coming updates.

What I Like:
  1. Perk System ( I like how your character specializes in certain aspects making learning different weapons more beneficial. This also has caused more perk variation in team builds and has caused me personally to dive into using the spear more in combat as the perks benefit it and make it more useful.
  2. The New Score System ( I like seeing damage being taken into account as it is very important imo as it shows your game impact better. * THERE ARE ASPECTS I DON'T LIKE WHICH I WILL TOUCH UPPON*
  3. Cav Nerfs ( This has made me not hate life as much as a inf main. Cav can still dominate but it is overall more controllable and with a good team your inf can shut teams cav down, especially with the hunter perks)
  4. Shock Inf Buffs (I think they are a little too powerful rn BUT it is a vast improvement of what they were in the past. A couple buffs to the skirmisher class to combat them might be enough for me.
  5. Archers Changes (Overall they have been nerfed and buffed in some areas, I think they are in a very good place right now. Maybe some perk changes but it is not necessary, would enjoy a flinch re-work though
  6. Inf Buffs (Love these changes, heavy inf is back and I love it, been having a great time as they do not feel super slow and weak other than Vlandian Inf. Maybe some weapon changes would be nice and a footwork perk that can be used with the bastard swords would be appreciated greatly.
  7. Combat Changes (Swings feel great, helps on playing at higher ping too. Causes animation glitches sometimes * Most common is trying to chain swing when hitting a heavy inf that has a shield on their back*
  8. Smaller Stuff ( Map reworks, run speeds, overall class balance, the perk split between captains and skirmish, customization)

What I Think Should Be Changed:
  1. Kicks (Something about it is too nerfed imo, maybe it is me missing the old kick but I think they just added WAY too much lag to it now. Maybe reduce some of the start up and end lag of the animation or if you have a shield then take reduced damaged if attacked from the shield side)
  2. No Death Count (Pretty self explanatory, show us the deaths in game idk why that was removed. Add a damage counter too)
  3. Skirmisher Nerfs ( I feel like skirmishers are too nerfed from the last patch, throwing spears SUCK now as you cant pick them up off of shields. You cant removed the reusability of the throwing spear while also making them do the damage of a blunt stick. They should either delete people without the reusability after it hits someone *can't even pick them up after it only hit a shield!* or do the damage it does now but you can still pick it up. Overall skirmishers are not used as much, maybe make it so javs or spears in shields slow you down as a slight buff to them. Skirmishers should be a counter to shock inf! wouldn't mind seeing a sling on one with a cool sling animation.
Overall, this is what I thought of as of now. I might add to the list later. There are small tweaks I would enjoy seeing also but that is for another thread. LMK what you think.
*FYI* These conclusions is from mostly playing in RAT pickups and skirmish. I casually play siege and TDM sometimes but the assumptions made are not taking them in mind.


I agree with basically all of these, but for me kicks are in both the like and dislike category. Before them captain mode was absolute cancer. Every round took 2 minutes +5 more for that one cav dude to run around. Now we can at least kick stallers. Sadly it is also the most abused function currently, especially in skirmish which I can't even play anymore because I get kicked in warmup.
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