What happened to the competent ai they showed off in this video from a dev blog about the ai melee combat overhaul?

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A couple months back they released this dev blog talking about how they overhauled the melee combat ai, and they had this video showing off the new ai with a duel against a lvl 24 opponent. Look how much they block, feint, chamber, position... What happened to this? The in game ai for max level troops is as dumb as it was in warband. I'm genuinely shocked anytime they decide to actually block. I've literally never seen guys on horses block, pretty sure they aren't even capable of it. When I saw this video I was stoked for the possibilities of like champions of the arena being these super difficult duels, or duels against lords when you insult them not being a complete joke. But alas, the arena is just me strafing right while spamming left attack while the ai eats hit after hit while struggling to even turn and face me. Is everything bugged? Was this ai scrapped because they thought people wouldn't like combat that isn't braindead? That's what the combat difficulty setting is for. Max combat difficulty ai is so bad.
Yeah, these videos were really amazing and I was having a lot of fun in 1.0.X but sadly the AI got downgraded a lot in 1.1.0. TW have said that they are working on fixing It, so we need to wait some time.

I hope they can make the AI really challenging if we select the challenging difficulty.
BTW, I am looking this video again and I am in love with the old AI. Please make the current AI in the public version of the game as good as it is in the video, even if It means less performance. I would happily sacrifice some fps for having this AI.

A good AI is a key part of a good game, please do not downgraded It in order to make the game more playable for people with 10 years old PCs (if It is the case, otherwise I do not get why the AI is worse after every patch).
Yes, the old AI was a lot better. It actually posed somewhat if a challenge, especially in the early levels. To be honest, I find this to be the worst gamebreaker. Unfortunately it came with a patch that fixed so many other issues so rolling back to a previous version is not happening neither. I bit of a dilemma, I'd say.
The only thing AI is good at is lobbing arrows with pinpoint accuracy across the map. Right now melee units, cavalry and especially spear infantry are worse than they were in Warband on "poor" AI setting. Not to mention the global map, it's 10 times worse there. Lords don't react to enemy forces nearby, abandon sieges because they cannot build anything or have no food, and sometimes they just suicide without any reason.

Only today I was riding around with a 400 army plus my 130 troops. Our general notices that one of our towns is besieged and rides there. The enemy has around 500 units, half of them are t1-t2. The odds in our favour! What do you think AI does? He just stares at the enemy for two days straight. But the moment I leave the army they charge forth and engage, only to die because I did not bother to help those fools.
I agree. Several aspects of AI needs to be improved and changed.
I believe they will release patches addressing this, based on their record of fixing many things already. So I'm gonna wait but still remember what needs to be fixed.

It seems that no one takes a lot of how many complaints and criticism are being thrown everywhere, steam, forums and reddit. It's impossible for them to release a fix or improvement that has been tested and worked on properly on such a short time. Yet they do in some easier cases.
So have some patience, but don't forget what needs to be fixed.
on one side players cry about too good AI and now they cry that its too bad
Who cries that it's too good? I've never seen anyone complain about ai being to good, for any game, ever. If it's too good then change the difficulty to easy. Easy mode could be what hard mode is currently. Hard mode should be, idk hard...
They probably accidentally overwrote the superior AI with an older build, whilst updating something else. This happens in software development more often than you'd think; different teams are working from different builds, and they break each other's work as a result.
Well they said they are working on it so all we can do is wait for whatever fix they come up with and see if it is sufficient. Difficulty options don't seem to do anything right now but hopefully the "challenging" option is supposed to be similar to that old video after they fix it.
I noticed that during the switch from pre-beta version to 1.1.0 the AI difficulty got lowered down to normal in gameplay option, and before it was set to challenging, switching it back seems like it helped a little?

Have yet to do a tournament
Biggest problem is with enough Athletics you don't ever have to block or use any strategy other than Left circle strafe and spam attack. The AI can't turn fast enough to keep you in front of it. Even when dueling companions with as much Athletics as you have.
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