What do you think about the new crime and alley features?

So then.... what's your 'take' on the crime and alleyway features?

  • Great. Serious roleplay potential. It's a new way to play the game.

    Votes: 6 16.7%
  • Limited but positive. A nice feature - but not going to make a real change to the way I play

    Votes: 14 38.9%
  • Typical TaleWorlds ! - bare bones... and overall, a disappointment

    Votes: 13 36.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 3 8.3%

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In Warband the Tactics skill gave you bonuses to troop spawning. The higher Tactics you had, the more troop ratio you could have at the start of the battle than your opponent
Oh god, don't remind me. I still have nightmares about Warband's beyond terrible reinforcement and tactics system. I guess this is rather subjective, but I absolutely abhor tactics in Warband. Due to high tier units being so much stronger than lower tiers and high surgery skill being so much more impactful (you could reach something ridiculous like 96% survival rate with 10+4 surgery iirc) in conjunction with braindead enemy AI, having higher tactics just made battles last longer.

I do understand that giving troops some +x% bonuses in the tactics tree isn't the most exciting thing either, though it's probably due to my limited imagination and far better things could be done with tactics.


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Clicked the first option purely for the fact that I can finally do a bandit only playthrough without mods. The income is meagre but alley companions offer you bandit troops of all kinds depending on the region - thugs, sea raiders, forest bandits, nomads etc. And for free! Plus, when you convert bandits troops from the campaign map due to increased rougery, your numbers only swell. The downside is that you cannot order companion parties to recruit purely bandits, too


As much of a gameplay 'changer' as Level 1 Workshops; the feature...it is there.
Just a few clicks and basic fight scenario for some early passive income; which makes the early-game even less challenging (which was mostly just an income thing), slingshotting you quicker to the late-game which is still an issue.
It doesn't suddenly open up some 'bandit' playthrough possibility because there's no bounty system, no manhunter system, no bandit base, money is autodeposited (less punishing loss than caravans), etc...Sure, you can play as bandit only - don't join a faction, only recruit bandits/raid caravans, and even maybe try for a bandit kingdom but you have to really try to make that happen; no game feature helps promote that route in anyway.
120 denars for free. you keep the alley even if you are at war with the faction which holds the alley. in addition it gives you rougery (alley defense) and bandit troops (+passive rougery if you use them). rougery perk is the pinnacle for massive loot (+ money / good gear). it actually opens up the path for long term criminal playthroughs. something a lot wished for in some way.

imo it adds a lot and even if its not perfect - yes the income could be higher - it points into a good direction. good stuff.
Well said not every peasant can afford to be master race
Ya but opens up more windows too like player owned bandit camps that u can stash goods

And if I’m guessing they want it to be a role playing experience like more freedom and choice then anything else

And strategic


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you could reach something ridiculous like 96% survival rate with 10+4 surgery
The bonus was 81% if you had 10 points in surgery plus the 4 point bonus so 4% x 14 = 56% + base value of 25% = 81%. But you have to put 30 points into intelligence so I guess that was the trade off and realistically you couldn't get the full bonus till you were are like level 30+. Engineering was pretty op too instead of 2+ days for a siege you could do it in 8 hours iirc. Hell the game is a power fantasy so complaining about an op skill is kind of pointless, the pc was always op by the end of the game.


It would be nice if it was a counterpart. Like a police that travelled from town to town. Maybe hired by the local governor.
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