What character names is everyone planning for their first character?

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Tabitja Volleck
Volleck Dynasty
Founder of Voleia, the Land of Peace and Harmony.

He is a cunning merchant. He has made countless long term investments for his children. He has risen unimaginable wealth through trade from the bottom. He dreams of owning an independent city. A trade center for all the kings have eyes on, protected by the Voleian Guards, Household guards of the Volleck Dynasty who are trained by the finest swordsmen of the day, equipped with the best weapons and armor.

He knows he won't see the day but his sons and daughters...
seeing as how I will probably only play the single player game, I too will probably go with my own given name.

that, or something from tolkiens works, or maybe a song of ice and fire
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Uhtred Son Of Uhtred

(Even though that TV series was mostly a bit crap, it's still a cool name)

That, or Rabies.
RIP Howard Lew Lewis

Or maybe Little Ron. Or Barrington, for that matter. Looking forward to the character creator
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