What causes Lords to offer the Mercenary contract? Had trouble finding it today.

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I've played many many games of warband and never had trouble picking up a mercenary contract before. I was under the impression any lord in a faction at war could offer it. But today I just could not get anyone to offer it to me, they almost all offered raise troops and collect taxes and I asked probably about 30 lords. I though it might be honor too low, but then I did get a couple offers finally so I don't know. It could have been relation too low with the other lords but I didn't check them all. The one I finally took a contract from was at zero though. SO I'm wondering if anyone who looks in quest codes knows, what the requirement really are? Could it be bad personality (Dishonorable) lords will offer it to you when you have low honor but others won't?


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I'm playing right now and haven't seen this. Are you on the latest 1.172? I had all kinds of complaints with that build and reverted to 1.153, maybe it's another version issue.


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As far as I can tell, the faction has to be at war in order for a mercenary contract to be offered. I haven't checked the module system to see if there are any changes from previous versions.
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