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Mrs. Dryvus

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My father is 60 and my brother is 19. He was recently diagnosed with cancer, which is being successfully treated, but he also lives a less healthy lifestyle than my mother and myself. My mom, actually, is 57 and she looks kick-ass, and is by far stronger than I am after taking up serious exercise at age 40. I can't say that I definitely will adopt, but I most likely won't be caring for a child sooner than that. At that point, anyway, I can see how I am in terms of health, fitness, and finances before I make the decision. 

Delora Filth

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About adoption: Got to agree with Madoc. 40 is waaay too late. You'll be missing a lot of your kid's life. And the further removed you are in age the harder it gets to relate to your kid when they get to late childhood/teenages.

Mrs. Dryvus

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You may be right, particularly about relating to the child.

As for missing out on their lives, the life expectancy of female Canadians is 83 years old. I'd be my parents age when my child was twenty, as my brother soon will be. I might have another 20 years in their adult lives, at least. I have better health indicators than the average person, based on my blood tests, ECG, and liver fat. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables daily, and I drink a lot of water, almost exclusively. I rarely drink and I don't smoke. My grandparents on my father's side lived into their late 80s and 90s, and they lived in Iran. My maternal grandparents are still alive and well into their 80s. I don't have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, or cancers caused by genetic preconditions (my father's was due to smoking when he was younger). I don't exercise, but if I did pick it up as my mother did, then I could expect to at least meet the life expectancy. Of course, I could adopt and develop cancer the next year. But then so could a 30 year old parent. So, that's why I don't see it as being out of the question. I'd have to see how my prospects were then. 


Ljas said:
Maybe I should just buy a ****ing guitar instead of thinking of buying one like I have for like five years.

So I did, and it arrived just now. Just as I was about to do some studying, but that can wait.
Interview in under 3 hours.  I'm hoping I'll know what the verdict is by the end of the day, since I was told to bring my social security card and a valid ID, and I know that borgor kong's interview didn't need that.
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