What are your top 3 requests for v1.5?

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So we know there is a big patch coming - probably due in the next fortnight. What three particular things are you most hoping to see in this patch? Bare in mind I want to keep this positive so be critical but lets keep it civil and reasonable. Saying 'start the game again' or 'remove the whole class system' etc is not relevant to this topic.

For me it's the following;

1) Block Rework - Moderately reduce block delay and rework feinting timings.

2) Server Stability - get the MP servers working consistently.

3) Horse Rework - Not working as intended right now and dominating skirmish. Spears need to be more effective anti-cavalry and horses in general need to be more vulnerable to infantry attacks.


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1) Class system rework to allow more distinctive troops to be present on the battlefield.

2) More maps

3) A clear separation between captain mode perks and all other gamemodes that do not involve bots.


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1.- Combat system basics. No blocking delays and quick response from the avatar to our maneuvers.

2.- Hitbox/hurtbox inconsistencies. Both on shields and in "ghost hits".

3.- Spears. The problems with spears and the javelins party hard (both quantity-equipped and damage generated) must cease.


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1. Combat Parameters

2. Cav rework (couches, horse hitboxes, spears)

3. Class reworks (e.g. don't give a 100 cost unit 6 jareeds)


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1) Improve infantry
Combat less wonky, sluggish
Movement, jumping less floaty
Spears more reliable against cavalry
Shields protect against arrows better

2) Improve general mechanics
Chambers made functional
Cavalry knockdown lessened
Less staggering after short fall
Instant snapback from "view outfit"
Can switch weapon when stunned
Faster picking up weapons

3) Improve game modes
Battle mode servers added
Custom equipment selection added


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I've had the game uninstalled for about 2 months now, but based on what I've been reading, the same big issues persist.

1) Remove the artificial block delay which makes the game feel unresponsive.

2) Rework mechanics surrounding cavalry gameplay (nerf couches, increase the time it takes for a dismounted cav to get up/reduce the time it takes for someone who was bumped to get back up, increase the minimum speed required for a horse to bump someone down, have horses actually stop when they run into walls/teammates instead of just slide around and push everyone away, reduce the speed of the heavily armored, high hp horses so that they are no longer faster than their unarmored, low hp horse counterparts, etc.)

3) Add counter mechanics to kicks and bashes (ex. in mordhau, you can cancel someone's kick with a kick of your own, so if it's obvious that your opponent is about to go for a kick, you can negate it + add a cooldown so that they can't be spammed repeatedly in quick succession if you haven't already done that. Another example is the counter guard break from For Honor, I think something closer to For Honor's guard breaking mechanics would be better than Bannerlord's current bland and abusable bashes, especially against opponents without shields who literally can't do anything against bash spam since there are no counter-play mechanics to keep the 'free damage' stun mechanics in check. For Honor's guard breaks actually felt like a mechanic that added depth to their game, while Bannerlord's bashes just feel like a cheap abusable meme right now.)

(Bonus) Rework the directional shield blocking with many of the shields. There are some shields that have directional animations that are too pronounced (Sturgian shields come to mind) and some shields that are too small and their directional animations aren't pronounced enough be effective protection against projectiles aimed at extremities.

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Within expectations:
1) Remove block delay
2) Nerf amount and effectiveness of throwing weapons
3) Nerf cavalry by decreasing armor and changing how damage multiplier is calculated (no more 100+ damage by jump starting horse when only few feet away)

What should happen but won't:
1) Remove class system in favor of warband's class system
2) Add map maker and custom servers
3) Add Battle game mode


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Every mode except captain
1- Combat rework that creates a responsive skill-based melee game
2- Horses are not tanks they are animals
3- Skirmish heavy rework (I can dream right)

1- Maps
2- Cav 'charge' command fixed
3- Separate perks from skirmish


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This seems interesting - the triple spawns are pretty obnoxious.
Are you saying it is OVERALL obnoxious, or are you singleing out Skirmishers and maybe Empire Recruits when you say so ? Honestly if 2h classes become limited to 2 spawns, might as well dig their graves.


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Are you saying it is OVERALL obnoxious, or are you singleing out Skirmishers and maybe Empire Recruits when you say so ? Honestly if 2h classes become limited to 2 spawns, might as well dig their graves.
I don't think many people want 2h classes in competitive, so they don't care about viability.

Personally, I think they should be viable, but their current movement speed is pretty ridiculous against shield units, so I wouldn't want the current iteration of 2h to be viable.