What are you Waiting for Before you Jump Back in for Another Playthrough?

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I was waiting for 2h perks to be "revamped", and do a full khans guard army playthrough and just kill everything. 2h perks seem to mostly work now, for a crazy effect, just gona wait for the next update and get on with it over the weekend.

Though I sure would like a fix of the broken leveling system.
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1. An option to ignore the main quest and create my own kingdom regardless.
2. A improvement of diplomacy and dialogue
3. A huge improvement of IA in battle, stop to run or wait like stupid.


Banners. If you turn of the overhead icons in battles, it's too hard to distinguish your troops, especially with 3 factions having the exact same troop roster.

The game is called bannerlord ffs, how can banners not be included from the start? It's like GTA without cars.


The dynasty system. Anything that bothers me is already fixed by mods, so the dynasty is what I'm really waiting for. I ended my last playthrough when I saw that my children turn out pretty much fully useless which sucks because I spent a lot of time just waiting for them to grow. I thought I'd let the game rest until that feature is ready.
There is a mod that can fix your children. And you do not have to start a new campaign for this. https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/1521/


I really like playing as a viking (sturgian) but the Sturgian Kingdom keeps getting annihilated. I don't mind it if there is some sort of alliances system in the game. Like, if Sturgia gets into an alliance with Battania to conquer Vlandia and split the rewards, maybe that'd be awesome! :grin:


After around 140 hours (whereof two full gamethroughs and a few partials) I put the game away. Waiting for;

1; Completely revamped diplomacy system, ie
* the ability to send messangers and recieve them for truce, peace, bartering for prisoners, courting, etc

2: Preferably also revamped clan and kingdom management, ie
* parties not useless and treated same as for other non-player clans, meaning they rescue themselves but preferebly tied to the revamped diplomacy above where we have to barter for their release
* refusing a fief, proposing to be eligable for a fief after conquer before the actual vote
* revamped relationships, ie be able to send gifts, propose children of two warring clans to marry to make friends etc, some cool things like that

3; Make the math behind _base_ speed visible so I can adjust to it, ie
* find the breakpoints for army size to the base speed, or even better
* remove it and show all affects as +/- instead of just a few of them.

4; Personally I didn't encounter the snowballing effect so many of you keep referring to after 1.2, but I would like some kind of development to go into the financial systems, ie
* Be able to hire soldiers without having to pick them up manually
* expand on the cities and castles, make it expensive to upgrade them with gold so we have something and somewhere to spend it. My last playthrough (own kingdom in aserai territory) I ended up with maybe 3-4 million but not a single lord stayed, so ended up murdering every last one and the game was ended with me having around 7 million in the bank and nothing to spend it on

5: Revamp the items a bit, make armor matter and make us be able to get the best armor from smiths. It's a bit annoying to run around with a ~30 armor helmet when I can upgrade units to tier 6 for 50 coins because I just can't find a single city having anything decent to buy.
* Reduce damage on weapons or increase armor significantly

And a personal pet peeve of mine, but I know that will not happen, remove "critical hits" on headshots. Armor is armor and with a great helmet an arrow shouldn't do more damage there than on the ie shoulder, hand or whatever.


I'm still playing but I really miss is the fortified camp and fortified siege camp from viking conquest. Especially now that your shieldwall can be told to stay in position and not turn all the time depending on where the enemy is marching 1 or 2 guys.

It would actually allow us to maintain prolongued bombard/starve sieges with 80 guys and fight off those 150 man parties attack spamming you followed by a 500 man army showing up to attack you.


I would prefer better relations, interactions with the Lords & Ladies and important NPCs , In bannerlord you would be interacted by a king after some renown points are earned to be offered becoming their vassal , or if you have good relations with a lord he might try to marry his daughter with you ..
Such interactions can be made in a far and far better ways, even openning a series of quests to become the king of not our own but an already existing faction.

I want is character relationships must be much more immersive and player also should be interacted by other NPCs when required. Specially after being a renowned lord we should not go ask people what they need , they should come an find us to ask help of us !


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I really wish people would stop recommending mods constantly. People download them, a few days later the game gets patched and their save breaks, then they come on here and complain about it and get **** on by the same people same "wHaT dO yOu ExPecT rUnNiNnG mOds iDioT!!!". Literally after they recommended that they use mods. It's like a forum has schizophrenia or something.


Diplomacy > Perks Working/rehauled > Modding Tools released so we can play the LOTR, GoT and Witcher overhauls.


7. Your companion parties are too stupid. And I don't like how they just wait for you to pick them up in remote places once escaped from captivity. This especially sucks during war time. Can't be traveling around for minutes.
Set them as governor of your castle/city, they will instant teleport. Then go to keep and take them back with you. You can also directly ask them to lead a party on the clan window.
I know it's sort of usebug, but having a random companion's respawn because of poor IA is weird too.


The Honor/Mercy/etc thing not being busted.
Not having junk I Smithed up showing up in shops and tourney rewards.

I bought and played Warband this weekend and my gods, how did they go from that to this??? I'm confused, but I think I would have been thrilled with them straight up pushing out a slightly scaled up Warband instead. That goes especially for the skills system.


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Some sense of cohesive world strategy in any real or meaningful way. As it is -the world map feels like a bunch of party gnats just buzzing about doing and going god knows what and where. I think part of the problem is a lack of roads -that would instantly give direction to the game world -"oh Lord X is trying to make a grab at that Town so he can control the Main Road in the North" thereby controlling said goods and military access -or something like that. An AI strategy that makes sense -starting battles and wars for a reason and stopping them for another. A sense of direction a particular Faction is trying to grow etc.. etc..
1. Combat AI improvement (tournaments need to be really, really hard to win on the hardest difficulty).
2. Marketplace items price improvements (high grade armor, ranged weapons and smithed weapons. i.e. long, high damage 2h swords,JAVELINS, etc.)
3. Smithing overhaul (research system based on item crafted, blades sorted into blades, spearheads into spearheads, handlebars into handlebars, wooden sticks into wooden sticks, and avoid this duplicated nonsense). SMITHED ITEM PRICES.
4. Campaign map AI overhaul.
5. Diplomacy system overhaul. Currently they just wage war without any reasons. This should cause some dissatisfaction among other kingdoms.
I need to be able to capture an enemy lord, throw him into my dungeon, hold him (or maybe his wife/child) hostage and his king to offer me peace in exchange for that lords freedom. And 100k denars. And a lvl 90 horse, and a fief. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP between lords. Actions based on that relationship (a.i. no war if a king is my buddy, discrete unapproved raids if a lord hates me).
6. Working economy with non-capped workshops and logical regulation and reaction by AI.
7. Working perk system.
8. Working player/companion leveling system.
9. Non-escaping prisoners when they're thrown into dungeons.


Honestly I'm not waiting for any particular 'thing', I stopped playing when 1.3 beta came out, and I'm just interested in seeing what we have by 1.5.


1. Map loading screens have to go. Going back to Warband it is staggering how much better everything flows - but the combat, that on the other hand is hard to get back to, coming from Bannerlord.

2. AI improvements

3. Better (bigger) collision radius for the troops (so they don't melt into a blob etc).

4. Better performance for large scale battles.

I have put a pause on Bannerlord for quite a few weeks now, has any of this improved sigificantly?
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