MP Fantasy [WFaS] MageMod: Redemption - UAIG DL Instructions inside.


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:!: Scroll to the bottom for UAIG info :!:

Hello everyone, Koaandl returns from an extreme absence and revives his dead mod, MageMod, into With Fire and Sword, as

MageMod: Redemption
This time MM:R (the working acronym) is being brought back with all new custom particles, models (well, to my abilities) and sounds, attempting once again, to bring a little magic into the ancient world. Currently, there is a small amount of content, but it is growing exponentially as I build new things. The current aim so far is to have:

  • Magic System based around Staff Use, in 8 elements (expanded below) - 15%
  • Minimum of 4 sets of armor for each class - 6%
  • Two factions, The Magi and the Void, each with a different and unique theme and playstyle, and 4 classes each - 14%
  • 3D/2D mixture particle effects to create effective but cheap (system cost wise) effects - 8%
  • A minimum of 3 custom maps - 0% (I've heard rumors that the ingame map editor isn't working, i'll have to get back on this
  • (POSSIBLY)Magical/Void troops integrated into Captain system to allow for full-scale battles - 0%
  • Customised Interface - 10%
  • Custom Skins for the Void Units - 45%
  • "Void Affected" Bonus Skin, Available to both teams (in face creator) - 100%
Other features may be added/removed as time goes on, but that's just a current list.


The Power of Stone allows the users to exert extreme force, sending earthen missiles hurling in all directions with ease, and crushing opponents. Stone magic has the ability to blast enemies away.
Screenshots(Very Early):
  • Earthen Reagents:
    Hurls a previously inert meteor towards the target, smashing through any living or destructible "obstacles" in the way. Upon collision, it rends open the ground and engulfs anyone unlucky enough to be near it in a shower of stone.

The Power of Flame allows users to exert extreme geothermic pressure, bursting streams of flaming gas to scorch foes, and columns of burning lava to crush enemy armies. Flame magic has the ability to deal extreme instant damage and set things alight.
  • Fiery Reagents:
    Launches a glob of molten lava towards an opponent, and upon colliding with the ground, cracks it open, launching up a column of lava.

The Power of Gaia allows users to project natural power, lashing strings of vines at opponents and bringing fourth natural disasters.
Gaia magic has the ability to deal damage more accurately at a longer range than others.

The Power of Water allows users to spread swathes of power, sending streams of enchanted tides at opponents, and bringing fourth explosive springs. Water magic has the ability to deal rapid damage.

The Power of Chaos allows users to bring Chaos to the battlefield, impeding opponents, gambling for their lives, and causing general dismay. Chaos magic has the advantage and disadvantage of being entirely unpredictable.

The Power of Mental allows users to control the space around their enemies itself, and the people in it. Mental magic has the ability to throw and blast enemies, as well as summon controlled minions (TBA).

The Power of Darkness allows users to trap and enthrall enemies, locking them in place and hurting them. Darkness magic has the ability to create barriers around enemies that must be destroyed.

The Power of Void allows users to send bolts of void energy at targets, that drain the target's very soul. Void magic is the most balanced magic class, and is shared with both factions.


The Magi:

Classes and their Weapons (Current):

Simple Mage:
  • Enchanted Sword
  • Simple Staff
  • Enchanted Staff
  • Fire Reagents
  • Earth Reagents

The Magi are a collaborative group of multiple races who have an affinity for all arcane arts, they lived in peace, practicing their abilities, until their lands were encroached upon by The Void, who were seeking additional resources, and would ruthlessly harvest any source of power they could find to keep their war machines fueled.

The Magi attempted to peacefully reason with The Void, even bartering a great deal of their artifacts and enchanting goods, but the soldiers refused all bargains and demanded full surrender or death. Rather than have their life's research be in vain, The Magi took arms, driving the diplomatic party back, and enforcing their forward base.

The Void, angered by this attempt at denial of assimilation, returned with full force, decimating the forward base and all inhabitants, They proceeded to continue to methodically eliminate all checkpoints of the Magi, before attempting an assault on the Magi's Central Town.

Despite the fact they lacked numbers, the few Magi that still resided in the main town were ancient and powerful, and were able to maintain a defensive border around the town, allowing the villagers to build an enchanted stone wall. The wizards imbued the wall with the flesh of the dead Void soldiers, causing them to lose their immense power if they set foot on it.

After realizing they lacked their advantage when invading, The Void set up a blockade around the Town, denying all passage in and out. The zone between the two locations became a no-mans land, and for months, it fell into a stalemate...

The Void:

Classes and their Weapons(Current):

Void Warrior:
  • Void-Forged Poleaxe

Void Beserk:
  • Blunted Head-Cutter
  • Liberated Shield

Void Seeker:
  • Deadwood Bow
  • Barbed Arrows

Fallen Magi:
  • Enchanted Sword

The Void are a ruthless, sexless race of arcane automatons made by a twisted Archmage. Originally, The Void, were made as a mindless army to serve his deviant will, but when he was struck down in combat, control over the automata was lost, and they developed a broken, twisted version of the Archmages last orders as "free will".

They continued to fortify and expand the Archmage's Tower, to the point of it reaching city-size proportions. Once they had ran out of resources, they began to expand and stockpile, spreading like a virus. Every person they killed, they converted into an automaton, every person they didn't, was incinerated for vital resources.

After The Void had left an area, only dusted plains remained, for they harvested every resource they would need to expand the castle and continue their order. When The Void encountered The Magi, they did not expect such resistance, and thus only sent a small, diplomatic party, as arcane flesh would prove valuable as a resource if collected fresh and unscathed.

After encountering the resistance from The Magi, and being unable to harvest the last resources on the continent, they fell into an idle hibernation state, waiting for the appropriate moment until the could begin the harvest again...

dark207 (the old additional teammate) is also collaborating on me with this, and this any input from him on this topic is also valid.

That is what I have so far and i'd appreciate any input from people to tell me what they think of the features, any changes they think there should be, or any features they think should be implemented.


The poll seemed to constantly break even, so I have decided to upload a "preview" version, or UAIG for each iteration of the mod. Each version will be locked with a password, and will require people to PM me for said password. If this password is posted onto the forum or topic, the file will be removed, and updates will be halted until final release.

Additionally, As there is no WFaS Releases section i've no idea where this will go, so if any moderators could expand on that, please do :grin:.

The reason for the password on the files, is that while it is a minor bother, it shows that people are willing to take a step forward for the Mod. While I disallow the public posting of the password, you may pass it on via PM or Instant messaging.

The password may be obtained originally from dark207 or myself.

It may be passed on from a member who has obtained it from either of us.

It may NOT be posted on forums.

To shorten download time (and upload time for me), I do not include the SceneObj folder (which now has caused compressed files to grow to over 60mb, and is a hassle to download for each iteration of the mod), and thus, you will need to take an extra step the first time you install this mod.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Download the mod:
[*]Go to your WFaS modules folder
[*]Copy the "Ogniem i Mieczem" Folder, rename it to "MageMod"
[*]Open the downloaded archive, and unlock it with the password you recieved.
[*]Click in the archive window, press Ctrl-A to select all files, and drag them into the new "MageMod" folder
[*]Click "Yes" or "Allow" to any overwrite prompts. DO NOT DRAG TO YOUR "Ogniem i Mieczem" FOLDER.
[*]Play and enjoy!
[*]N: To update the mod, repeat the last 4 steps.


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Koaandl has been very hard at work on the mod and so far it's looking very nice, any more input would be appreciated based on what information we've supplied, Q and A is also welcome.


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Double Post - Please don't kill me.

But as for why my frame rate had gone down 20 - 30fps in the fire screenshots, it's because it needs some optimization for bot use (i had 30 bots either team, and they were spamming it like.. something that is spammed a lot) and it was a cacophony of fire columns XD. Just wait until I upload the video (currently encoding) and you guys will see how hectic it is!

On a side note, I really need to make more melee bots, it's crazy with the amount of magic flying around even with 10 bots either side (when you are trying to get a good AOE shot.)


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Sayd Ûthman said:
A magic mod...again... :roll:

Wait !!! sounds promising !! :grin:
Oh you!

But seriously. This is a Re-hash/Recreation of my older mod for Warband, so think of it not as "again" but more of "continued" :wink:


I just tried your old module out, and if this is as good as the old one is, this is going to be EPIC.
Keep up the good work.


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Yes the old mod was nice and this is looking nice as well. However only problem I have is thats its for WFaS and not for Warband lol :razz:


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Phalanx300 said:
Yes the old mod was nice and this is looking nice as well. However only problem I have is thats its for WFaS and not for Warband lol :razz:
Booo! Go get WFaS :razz:

WFaS is awesome! It's multiplayer is a significant improvement over warband's. The captain modes are especially awesome!


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Meh, WFaS is essentially just a mod for Warband and not really bringing anything new to make me buy it. Would only do so if there's some great mods. But for now Warband is enough with its mods :razz:.


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Phalanx300 said:
Meh, WFaS is essentially just a mod for Warband and not really bringing anything new to make me buy it. Would only do so if there's some great mods. But for now Warband is enough with its mods :razz:.
That's what i originally thought, but it's amazing the amount of stuff they've changed in it. Though there is some strange internal changes (and lots of code mess ups, the module system is a mess), the stuff they brought into the game is great!

IMO it's definitely worth the spend :razz:

Edit: Also, when did my mod thread turn into a WFaS discussion thread? XD. Bad me.

Sayd Ûthman

Grandmaster Knight
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My comment was intended to be positive :razz:

it means that you have suceeded in making a mod from an idea wich isn't really intended for mount and blade.