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SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

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Answer in the topic of original mod (first message - http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,218099.0.html) -  "As I said, the purpose of this mod is to rule your own kingdom. Choosing a different way, like pretender quests, or storyline quest may throw unexpected bugs".
Nice submod! I still have the backspace menu error, please try to fix this because the menu gives nice overview of my forces. Also the fortified wagon option is gone??? And hussar lance damage over 80?
Hmm... Backspace menu error should be fixed in last version, does you start a new game? Fortified wagon option is gone for you and for AI (was bugged and incompatible with new AI options), hussar lances now break after one or two strikes. Anyway i completed first version of submod a year ago and don't want to do something with this (i just finished playing it and have no WFaS and other stuff installed).
Yes, I started a new game. I didn't see a hussar lance to break. Instead the hussars are using them to kill anyone with one strike without even couching them, they just may stay still and just push with the lance - in most cases the enemy troop will die because of the high damage...

No offense but I think this submod restricted some of the interesting options in the original mod. No PBOD, no split divisions, not properly working backspace menu ( especially after player's death), no options for troop activity after player's death ( they just charge), no fortified wagon, ect. 

I like the Big Band bandits and their hideouts and the new weapons but I think the above mentioned options made the mod so good and interesting. I hope you will be able to fix some of the issues in your next update. Good luck!
Hussar lances break almost always after first or second strike (and they start using another melee weapon). PBOD and parts of it (split divisions) was removed because i found bugs with it and can't cope with two of them, but i fixed bugs with volley fire and pike bracing as i could,  there is still formations and formai with replacement of bugged scirmish order. Bugs for WFaS version -  main reason of PBOD removing. Fortified wagon was removed in original mod. No more updates, sorry, this is last version, i just wanted to play original mod with custom troops and some changes in AI, when did this :smile:.
Nice mod bro, but does that mean i can't join any factions including Sweden/Crimea and can only make my own faction? or can i join the swedish/crimeans but cant do the story stuff?
You can join any faction you like or create your own but you can't do the main storylines (you will experience bugs - I made the Russian storyline and the game CTD when I took the throne in Moscow).
SendMeSmile said:
Storyline quests is disabled as in original mod - only conquest.

how i can reenabled the Storyline? this is one of the best WFAS i have seen, Csatadi and Heritage of Hussaria mods are arent like this.
Hi, it's not simple task to turn on storyline with your own kingdom feature (especially testing, especially for one man), so if you asking you can't do it. I'm doing new patch :smile:) (yes, again - and wonder that not only i'm still playing WFaS :smile:) and was thinking about option "no kingdom before storyline completed",  but i 'm not ready to do it for now (seems too much testing). So you can complete storyline in another mod and play this as "free play" (by default in this mod main quest is considered accomplished and game in "free play" state).
Upd - version 1.86. Roullete for handcrafted items (random modificator), opportunity to change commander, bodysliding for custom battles (you change body with simple troop, when die, but can't command). New mod options - you can disable annoying weekly notifications about taxes and gold usage, enable or disable muskets using for AI in close combat and another options. New fixes - hussar lance damage reduced to original, grenade damage will raise with skill, no winged hussars at sieges (but lords, NPCs and player will be in winged armors, if they have them), cap for learning enabled (but you can disable it through cheat), bandit camps now attackable by kingdom lords and another.

Additional OSP used:
rubik - Custom Commander
Alex_NG - Permanent Camps
DrTomas - Body-sliding In Combat
Wilk22 - Single Hussar Wing

In mod resources, but still not used: Tavern Animation Pack by Slawomir of Aaarrghh, Animation Variety Mod by jacobhinds, animations and terrain borders from TLD team

Again, note:
If you don't like faster map speed, you can change it in module.ini (module folder) - "time_multiplier" string. Original speed = 0.25.
Hi! I just started playing this a few days ago, haven't updated to.86 yet, but I have a problem I don't see listed in the fixes.

I've joined Sweden (lazy bastards, more on that later). And I've stopped in Reval to see about getting new troops and weapons... when I talk to the garrison commander to hire troops, I can choose them, and I pay the money, but I get no troops. I have space available in my party.

And Sweden... just *****ing here I'm sure this isn't something you'd have any control over (I think) modding-wise, but I gotta vent :grin:

I joined because it was said they have an awesome army, and their dudes are tough. But they don't do anything! They won't siege cities! They took a couple from Poland at the beginning of the game, but now all the lords just sit in their northern cities, as all the Polish cities were retaken. It's driving me insane, there's lords with 300 man armies patrolling around Reval where there are no enemies and haven't been any the whole game. The Polish have like 9 armies and Sweden has 20, and Sweden is losing!

But again, I'm sure this is just the vagaries of the game, but holy **** is it frustrating. Luckily I'm getting strong enough to where I can start taking cities myself.

Oh also, if I update to .86 will I need to start a new game?
Yes, you need to start new game. After you hire troops you need to wait a week, then speak with commander again, you will see "preparations complete", amount of ready troops in dialog and option to take them. About sweden, take a castle or town, establish your kingdom, make war (also maybe peace or high amount of high level poland troops in armies, don't know).
Ah ok didn't know to wait, thanks!

Yeah I'll start my own kingdom soon. Just really annoying to see my current team doing sooo badly :grin:

Thanks again! Great mod!
Quickfix - version 1.86a (check first message to dl). Grenade using fix for troops, option to see inventory of companions, small fix for quickbattles, two new animations for castellan and guards. Save game compatible.
Hello. I think you should add every pikeman uniform to Customizable Heavy Infantry unit. I wanted to customize my own Imperial soldiers but I can't because German Uniform is not available for them  :sad:
how can i find the code that it about when you went to the battle and you die but you still continue the fight that youre a in another soldier liek musketeer or pikeman ( you know wat i meant )
SendMeSmile, а не подскажите как можно убрать падение при сильном ударе. Это нормально, когда получаешь пулю, но вот когда рубят саблями и прочим - как по мне - это не очень-то реально, и удобно...
Был бы весьма признателен вам за ответ.
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