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I think u already hate me :grin: But it`s our problem (logmassage)... I want 2 create some ideas  (send u pm) and one of them is speedhack. So, it`s possible if creat a hotkey for "teleport for 2 or 5 meters foward" and, imagine, u press E so many time and all it writes in logmassage.

Anyway u just can write "how" and "where" make it (hotkey) i can`t find it in tutorials :sad:

P.S. Thx 4 advice but it needed 4 tournament and training not 4 public server :smile:
Sorry, but i'm not going to add any new features or change things which are completely fine. I already spend too much time on this mod.
If that's only for testing, you shouldn't care about messages anyway. I test this mod a lot with my friend and after few hours we even didn't notice those messages, they were so obvious, and we never had problem with them.
You can't do any change to my mod by yourself, but you can write your own mod of course with features you like to have. The problem is, without basic knowledge of programming (which you obviously don't have), you won't be able to write anything. I can't help you here, sorry.

Agression - redownload lastest version (1.143) of dedicated server. Unpack it and don't do any changes there, just switch dedicated server TXT files with my server files. I'm not sure if language of the game can cause some problems. You can try switching to English, just to test it, but I doubt it's game language fault. It's really hard to say, for me everything is working fine.
a questıon for poul:
Can we use this admin mod with dedicated server
May I ask why you wont release the source?

Would you even consider privately releasing it to certain developers of certain mods?
I already wrote the reasons why I won't release source code of this mod. Check previous posts.
And I don't want to argue who is and who isn't dev. Beside, sooner of later everyone will have this source if I give it to unknown person.
Poul2 said:
I already wrote the reasons why I won't release source code of this mod. Check previous posts.
And I don't want to argue who is and who isn't dev. Beside, sooner of later everyone will have this source if I give it to unknown person.

Yes your main reason being -
1) Many people are smart only when they "see" others work. I spend too much time on this mod, to someone ctrl+c and ctrl+v huge parts of it and make "his amazing mod". That doesn't mean I won't help others if I got any questions.

All that does is screw the modding community over even more for Fire & Sword, its going to be OBVIOUS who uses this code, your afraid of releasing the source code because theirs that one guy who you will think will take all the credit for their mod which will have your admin mod.

Any modder here worth his salt will credit a developer for something they used from them, if not their mod is reported to a moderator and taken down and they are looked down upon greatly.

Case in point, you wouldn't have your admin mod if Taleworlds hadn't generously offered a module system where they opened up 99% of their game with their source files, so I don't understand things like this.

When the source for mods gets released, existing developers further their knowledge and create better mods, and new developers are born by understanding new concepts, so by developers holding source back you hold the amount and quality of mods back.

But I cannot force you to release the source no would I want to, so that's just my opinion.
Who said it's my main reason ? It's just one reason, not the most important one.
I think the most important one is 2nd point from that post you quoted. I even got private message from clan leader, who wanted to silently buff all his clan members on their server, and he even wanted to pay me for that. If I release source he can do that by himself or ask someone from his clan who knows a bit programming. All needed functions are already inside source - you only need to run them when some clan member appears on the server. How fair would that be ? You want to play on servers, where you don't really know what is going on ?
Like you said, it's my choice, and the answer is: NO, I won't release source code of this mod.
Hey Poul, when you say "unique ID" is that their wfas name, or steam name? Because I cannot get either to work.
Also, thanks for releasing this, GI definitely will use it on their servers!
EDIT: Sorry, didn't read far enough :oops: good mod Poul!
When you download the mod, inside file, you will find file called "Readme.txt".
I don't know why, but many people don't read that file, and i'm getting a lot of PMs/mails how to install this mod or get full admin rights.

So here you have answers:
Readme.txt said:
                    Administrator Mod v1.0
            for Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
                      Created by Poul                         

This mod is free to use !
I'm not responsible for any consequences caused by this mod !

How to Install ?

For Server, copy Modules folder from
file to dedicated server main folder and overwrite all files.

For Client, copy Modules and Textures folders from file to game folder.

It's always good to make a backup of files you overwrite !


How to add Full Admin Rights for Player(s) ?

At the bottom of server scripts.txt file, there is a script
called cf_multiplayer_admin_restriction. Inside this script,
find "1234567890" string, and change it to unique ID of person
you want to give full admin rights.
Don't modify any other scripts or any other lines !

You can add up to 12 full admins, but I suggest to keep just
few of them same time.
Regular admin rights will be good enough for most admins -
to get regular admin rights you just need client files and
server admin password.

To remove full admin rights, just remove Unique ID of that
person from same script (change it to 1234567890).

You can find Unique ID's inside server log file. Unique ID
is a number, and you can find it in this line:
12:05:29 - Poul has joined the game with ID: 121314
In this example, 121314 is my unique ID.
Beside, full admins can check players unique IDs inside game
(Players Stats - UID). Regular admins only see their own UID.


How to add new maps ?

Administrator mod has 20 unused map slots for
Battle/Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch/Duel/Co-Op and
10 map slots for Siege game type, named custom_map_X.
Custom maps for Battle (and other game types) are named:
custom_map_1 to custom_map_20
Custom maps for Siege game type are named:
custom_map_21 to custom_map_30
You need to name your 1st custom map file as
custom_map_1.sco (Siege map file as custom_map_21.sco),
and add it to dedicated server scenes folder:
\Modules\Ogniem i Mieczem\SceneObj

To change map name, you need to edit strings.txt file, line:
str_scn_custom_map_1 custom_map_1. Just change second string
to map name, eg.: str_scn_custom_map_1 My_New_Map_Name

You need to edit both client and server strings.txt files
to see correct map name inside the game !

To change terrain, you need to edit scenes.txt file, find
scn_custom_map_1 and change terrain code to correct one.

Hello Poul2 im currently making a decent multiplayer WFaS mod  :razz: would you like to help me a bit and "tweak up" the admin panel for it?
I finished this project long time ago, so no, I don't want to change or tweak it now.
If you have some specific questions, how to do something, you can always PM me. But I mean specific questions, not "how to write my new mod!?". I already got few requests like this, mod "authors" didn't know anything about programming and wanted me to write everything for them and send it as PM. For me this request sounds hilarious, but unfortunately some people thinks this way, and it was fine in their minds.
Anyway, I don't have time and will to write another mod for WFAS, I stopped playing this game over half a year ago. I don't even know if anyone still uses my mod, I stopped playing right after I released it.
But if you have some specific questions, you can always PM me, I'll try to help.
heck, i already made say half of the mod! I just dont know how to edit the admin map panel!

for example i add a troop called engineer, i make everything for him but i ask you how to make something in admin panel "disable engineer"
I guess you have new class in your mod, called Engineer, and you want to prevent people from using this class when you want?

If that's the case, just make server sided variable (eg. disable_engineer_class off: 0 or on: 1), send it to clients when they are joining (or when it will be changed by admin) and if that variable is 1, then don't let people choose this class in menu presentation. Also, add server side protection during respawn (in case someone modify client side files to avoid client side protection), so if someone still want to respawn as engineer, while having this class disabled, just force him to choose class again, and send him info that Engineer class is currently disabled. If I get your question right, that's how I would do that by myself.

BTW: Next time send me PM, it isn't right topic for asking me questions unrelated to my admin mod. You can also find questions and answers topic on this forum - I used it a lot when I was writing my mod, I found there many useful things. Here you have link:,6575.0.html
Guys i know im noob at comp but pls tell me.. downloaded that file and then copied modules from server and pasted in mb folder did same to modules and textures but when i start mb everything is same..  :roll: :roll: :roll:
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