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Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
Administrator Mod v1.0
for WFAS 1.143

Here is my WFAS Administrator mod - Client and Server compiled files.
Client side mod includes most of my own interface changes. You don't need to play on specific server to see those changes, so basically everyone can use client side files. Even if you are not admin, you will see interface differences with those files !

I will not release source files of this mod, so don't send me PMs about that !

Known problems:
- Spawned metal items often has blunt, wooden hit sound. Can't do anything about that, since it's internal spawn_item command bug, and need to be fixed by developers. So it's always better to use Equip Item instead of Spawn. Of course this bug don't matter if you spawn horses, muskets and blunt hit sound weapons.
- Teleport Up feature sometimes don't want to work, and I had no time to think about other ways to write it (since I didn't use this function in game anyway). So it's more like unfinished idea, which sometimes don't want to teleport you up. However it should always teleport you down (inside textures), if you are standing eg. on the roof.

NOTE: Every admin needs to modify his client files to see/use new functions.
To add full admin rights, you need to write player's unique ID inside scripts.txt file (check readme.txt file for more info).

Use this mod on your own risk ! Don't blame me for any problems. I spend over 2 months to write this mod, it has over 20.000 additional lines of code. I lost a lot of my time and some money to make this mod as good as I could. If you can't respect that, don't use this mod !

If you have any questions about mod functions or mod itself, please write them in this topic.

Adding new map is very simple - you just need to follow few steps.
To show everything right, i'll give here my Small Arena map, which is good for melee events and duel game type.

1. Firstly, you need map file and map terrain code. You can ask some map makers can you use their work or make map by yourself.
HERE you can download my Small Arena map. You are allowed to use this map on your server and modify it if you want.
2. Rename map SCO file from scn_mp_pl_small_arena.sco to scn_custom_map_1.sco. Put this file to dedicated SERVER's "\Modules\Ogniem i Mieczem\SceneObj" folder. You can put it to your game client SceneObj folder as well (so you won't have to download this file from your server).
3. Edit terrain code for map. Open dedicated server's scenes.txt file and find (ctrl+f) "scn_custom_map_1" entry. There you have long string "0x00000003200005000004711e0000549300005a8700000a3e" which is map terrain code - you need to replace it by new map terrain code. Only in this case, codes are same, because I used terrain code of this map as default code for those entries. But in any other case you need to replace this entry to look like inside terrain.txt file. Copy this file to your game client \Module\Ogniem i Mieczem folder.
4. Change map name. Open dedicated server's strings.txt file and find "scn_custom_map_1" entry. The line will be: "str_scn_custom_map_1 custom_map_1". First part is map indicator (it's not used in game anyway, just leave it as it is), second part is map name. Change this line to: "str_scn_custom_map_1 Small_Arena". Copy this file to your game client \Module\Ogniem i Mieczem folder. You need to give strings.txt file to every person with admin rights, so he can see new map name in game.

After editing any server file or changing map file, you have to restart the server !

That's all - as you see, it's not that hard :wink:.

PS: English isn't my native language so sorry for any language mistakes.
List of server modifications:
I. Server options: (you can acces them through Administrator Panel)
1. For all game types except duel and deathmatch:
1.1. Auto kick team killer after 3 (range 2-5) TKs. You can set after how many TKs player will be kicked.
1.2. Auto temp ban team killer after 2 (range 2-5) Auto Kicks. You can set after how many auto kicks player will be temp banned.
1.3. Decrease player's team kills after 20 minutes (range 5-60 minutes). After this time, without any other team kill, player's tk value will be decreased by 1 (if he has any TKs).
1.4. Decrease player's auto kicks after 240 minutes (range 120-600 minutes). If player has any auto kicks active, after this time they will reset to 0.
1.5. After killing the enemy, regenerate 15% (range 1-100%) hp. This don't regenerate horse hp, if you have any, it's only for players.
1.6. Regenerate HP only when enemy is killed in melee (so killing from range won't add you any HP)
1.7. Reflect damage to team attacker: 50% (5-100%). This is a bit different than original one - it won't stun you, and you can't kill yourself by hitting teammate, but you will lose hp until you have 1 hp left.
2. For duel game type only:
2.1. Cancel duel if player change his weapon. Players can't change weapons during duels if this option is on.
2.2. Force same armor for all players:
2.2.1. No armor (naked).
2.2.2. Tunic (16 def) + gloves + boots.
2.2.3. Armor (29 def) + helmet + gloves + boots.
2.3. Auto heal players before duel.
3. For battle game type only:
3.1. Auto swap respawn points of teams before every round.
4. For all game types:
4.1. After 20 minutes (range 5-60 minutes) of event activity: (this is ignored if "start event after map change" option is active !).
4.1.1. End event.
4.1.2. Continue event.
4.1.3. Change event type (next event).
4.1.4. Change event type (random event).
4.2. Auto-block hack protection. Since I don't have access to player's client files (and had to do this in hard way - only server sided), this protection isn't the best possible, but it do what it sais - auto block hack won't work all the time if this option is on. At the moment, there is no open auto block hack for 1.143 version of the game (just an old one), so it's a marginal problem. I suggest to use this only on clan wars, tournaments and things like that - just in case.
II. For admin with FULL Admin rights: (you need to write admin unique ID inside server files to give him full Admin rights)
1. Spawn items (in front of some player)
1.1. Spawn practice items:
1.1.1. Stones
1.1.2. Throwing daggers
1.1.3. Javelin
1.1.4. Wooden stick
1.1.5. Wooden sword
1.1.6. Metal sword
1.1.7. Wooden staff
1.1.8. Scythe
1.1.9. Pitchfork
1.1.10. Battle lance
1.1.11. Battle axe
1.1.12. Two handed wooden sword
1.1.13. Two handed metal sword
1.1.14. Hunting bow
1.2. Spawn regular items:
1.2.1. Throwing daggers
1.2.2. Jarid
1.2.3. Damascus steel yataghan
1.2.4. Good broadsword
1.2.5. Good saber
1.2.6. Simple cossack saber
1.2.7. Simple tatar saber
1.2.8. Spear
1.2.9. Hussar lance
1.2.10. Club with spike head
1.2.11. Bastard sword
1.2.12. Claymore
1.2.13. Two-handed sword
1.2.14. Great axe
1.2.15. Composite bow
1.2.16. Miquelet Carbine
1.2.17. Miquelet Musket
1.3. Spawn hand-crafted items:
1.3.1. Eastern broadsword
1.3.2. Black mace
1.3.3. Tatar saber
1.3.4. Heavy bastard sword
1.3.5. Great sword
1.3.6. Hand-crafted claymore
1.3.7. Two-handled sword
1.3.8. Hand-crafted bow
1.3.9. Handmade firearm
1.3.10. Hand-crafted carbine
1.3.11. Hand-crafted turkish musket
1.3.12. Double-barreled dutch pistol
1.3.13. Double-barreled dutch carbine
1.3.14. Hand-crafted european musket
1.4. Spawn shields:
1.4.1. Flimsy shield
1.4.2. Shield
1.4.3. Thick shield
1.4.4. Iron shield
1.4.5. Steel shield
1.4.6. Wooden shield
1.4.7. Solid shield
1.4.8. Kalkan shield
1.4.9. Turkish shield with claw
1.4.10. Turkish shield with bow
1.4.11. Kite shield
1.4.12. Hand-crafted shield
1.4.13. Buckler
1.5. Spawn horses:
1.5.1. Dobbin horse
1.5.2. Draught horse
1.5.3. Saddle horse
1.5.4. Steppe horse
1.5.5. Racing horse
1.5.6. War horse
1.5.7. Purebred horse
1.5.8. Thoroughbred horse
2. Equip items (equip some player with item)
Same list here like in Spawn Items, but no horses in this menu. Target player need to have free slot for weapon you chosen (2 free slots for bows and guns).
3. Events
3.1. Peasant (Stones/Wooden Stick)
3.2. Peasant (Wooden Staff)
3.3. Peasant (Knives)
3.4. Peasant (Random Weapons)
3.5. Recruit (1H Practice Sword/Shield)
3.6. Recruit (2H Practice Sword)
3.7. Recruit (Random Weapons)
3.8. Warrior (Throwing Daggers/Heavy Bastard Sword/Shield)
3.9. Warrior (Jarids/Great Sword)
3.10. Cavalryman (Lance/Good Broadsword)
3.11. Cavalryman (Hussar Lance/Bastard Sword/Shield)
3.12. Sniper (Hand-crafted European Musket/Grenade/Scottish Broadsword)
3.13. Grenadier (15 Grenades/Scottish Broadsword)
3.14. Archer (Composite Bow/Sabre)
3.15. Horse Archer (Composite Bow/Iron Shield/Sabre)
3.16. Gunman (Double-barreled Dutch Pistol/Sword)
3.17. Carbineer (Double-barreled Dutch Carbine/Sword)
3.18. Mounted Carbineer (Miquelet Carbine/Konchar)
4. Custom Events
Here you can select any items you like from:
- 134 helmets
- 197 armors
- 34 boots
- 9 gloves
- 9 horses
- 290 weapons
And make your own event from them.
You want to try team cavalry vs team pikemans fight ? No problem at all, everything depends from your ideas here !
NOTE: Left and right mouse buttons scrolls items. If you hold control key, items will scroll by 10, with shift by 20 items. You can use middle mouse button to clear items.
I know this system isn't perfect, but I had no time to make better one. You have to remember, i'm just one guy.

5. Blessings
5.1. Add 5.000 gold to player
5.2. Add 2.500 gold for all players
5.3. Heal player
5.4. Heal all players
5.5. Refill player’s ammo
5.6. Refill all players ammo
5.7. Activate God Mode for player
5.8. Turn off God Mode for player
5.9. Bless player (+20% damage and hit points). Lasts 1 round.
5.10. Bless all players of Team 1 (+10% damage and hit points). Lasts 1 round.
5.11. Bless all players of Team 2 (+10% damage and hit points). Lasts 1 round.
6. Kills
6.1. Kill player
6.2. Kill all players
6.3. Kill all players of Team 1
6.4. Kill all players of Team 2
6.5. Kill player’s horse
6.6. Kill stray horses
6.7. Kill all horses
7. Teleports
7.1. Teleport player. Teleport selected player to admin's camera position - works even if admin is dead / on spectator.
7.2. Teleport yourself to player
7.3. Teleport all players. Teleport all players to admin's camera position - works even if admin is dead / on spectator.
7.4. Teleport player 2 meters forward
7.5. Teleport player 5 meters forward
7.6. Teleport player 1 meter backward
7.7. Teleport player up/down
8. Tools
8.1. Swap respawn points of teams (only battle game type)
8.2. Swap player’s team
8.3. Swap all players team
8.4. Move player to spectator
8.5. Move all players to spectator
8.6. Knock down player
8.7. Knock down all players
8.8. Force player to hide his weapon
8.9. Force all players to hide weapon
8.10. Draw current round (only battle and siege game types)
8.11. Activate flags (only battle game type)
8.12. Reset game score (only battle, siege and team deathmatch game types)
9. Player stats
10. Server stats
11. Anonymous mode
In this mode, full admin can't use most of his functions. Regular user can start a vote to kick anonymous admin, and vote can be accepted and anonymous admin kicked. This mode was made, so full admins can play the game anonymously - just change nick, turn anonymous mode on, and you can relax for a while. You can kick/ban players in this mode (server messages won't be generated, so you will stay hidden), and you can use admin chat, check player stats, server stats, change maps, server settings etc.
III. Other modifications
1. Poll starter's nick and poll options are send as server message to all players
2. Server won't accept polls to kick or ban admins - if some user try, all polls will be temp disabled for him and admin will be aware of it
3. Auto kicks and auto bans don't count suiciding and don't work on admins (full and regular)
4. Players with full admin rights (unique ID written to server files) don't need to write admin password when joining server - they will get their rights automatically
5. Mod version checking - without same mod version on client and server, you won't get full admin rights (just a precaution)
6. Every admin action is logged to server log file. So you can't use anything without leaving a trace for server owned. All actions are send as server messages to all players as well.
7. In duel game type, if you leave your weapon slots empty, you will respawn with training weapons (2 low damage metal and 2 wooden swords 1h and 2h)
8. Admins can send private messages to other admins (players won't see them), they can send server messages as well
9. Every player with my mod (on modded server) can call nearest horse with P key
10. Server log files are now usefull - you can find there started map names, round results, scores, team wounds and team kills
11... and many more little tweaks I just don't remember atm :grin:

*I used original game font to make those screenshots, but I STRONGLY suggest you to use some custom made font, since original one is hardly readable (especially chat). Long time ago, I used Mount&Blade Font Customiser to change my font. I see now, there is also Lite version of this tool - it should be simpler to use.
That's hell of a work, very impressive. But, you will likely want to share the source after this is completely done. (For now, taking to account of it is not done at your side and guess has some bugs you need to think on.)
Nope, it's finished already. I had testing stage basically for 2 months :smile:. Last couple of weeks I was just fixing problems I noticed.
I don't want to release source files from 2 main reasons:
1) Many people are smart only when they "see" others work. I spend too much time on this mod, to someone ctrl+c and ctrl+v huge parts of it and make "his amazing mod". That doesn't mean I won't help others if I got any questions.
2) With source files you can easly modify 1 line to remove notices about who used what. That means admins can use blesses, spawn items and do whatever they want, unnoticed. Of course you can easly modify another line to change bless from 20% to eg 200%. Just change one value, and that's it. Without source code, it's almost impossible to find right values to change in TXT files.
I know mod without source complicates things for many people, but I had to chose order and security or chaos. I prefer the first one.
It is your choice, yet if anything like that happens, you are going to be the first one who face such trouble. Plus that, there is no WFaS Admin mod. (Same language for both games, then every other codders who make their projects OSP should also take this under consideration which they don't, then it is safe to share.

You always get credits if you deserve it, so you can always prove that work belongs to you with some little gliches or even the way you write the codes may be enough.
Looks interesting. I guess you plan to keep this in whole package, instead of offering a version without blessings, kills, teleports and spawns?
You don't have to give full admin rights to every admin on your server. Regular admin is limited just to few of those new features (from my experience, most needed).
Good Work ! and nice to put them on download already .. yet again Good WORK !
I would just rather have permission than not. And btw, the mod is well received over here in Tactical Carnage.
Yay Poul you've released it!

As one of the users of the mod I must say we (australian community) have had a huge blast using this mod. Thanks Poul I hope everyone else gets the same joy we do :grin:

Events change the way the game is played and just adds a creative spin on matches. Its really good.
How to add is "invisible admin's log". As you know, when admin does something from admin's panel, it appears in the chat in red colour.I want to hide that sentences connected with admin's actions.I don't want to hide ALL "red sentences". Poll, for example, must be visible. How to creat it?
And how i can creat a hot key in mod? For example, hot key "Q" to teleport for 5 meters fowards.

That's the thing - you can't change anything. It's done how it's done because I want everyone to know what cheats administrators are using.

PS. Just a little advice for you. If you keep God Mode on yourself all the time, for few days more, soon no one will play on your server. I know it's funny for you, but just think about others. Just an advice, it's your server after all :smile:.
I installed the admin mod in my server. But when the players join the server, current map is downloading.
How can I solve the problem?
You need to restart the server, after switching server files. Just close dedicated server window (using exit command), and start it again.

If that won't help, inside server's starting file "Sample_X.txt", change map to some default one in line "set_map X", eg. "set_map mp_new_1".
I have already restarted the server. We use turkish languange in game. And the map name's seems english name. Only established the mod players don't redownload.
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