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                Welcome m'Lords and m'Ladies to our official clan thread for Native. For those of you who don't know, The Knights Wenfire is a mature and organized clan that loves to play medieval games and participate in Native scrimmages/events. Although we just formed a few months back, we are growing by the day and are striving to become better in every aspect of the game. The clan hopes to become a shining light in the community because of our work ethic, skill, and cohesiveness in battle. We have historical ranks and many more awesome features in our clan including a website, steam group, teamspeak, and ingame server! Although we play a lot of Warband, we do tend to play some other fun games too like Total War ect... At the end of the day, our clan is one big family that enjoys ourselves on the battlefield.


            Joining is fairly simple. You must have steam and will be willing to add Colpassa [Wenfire] on steam. After you successfully accomplish this task, you will fill out an application on our website and wait to see if you are accepted. This is for organization purposes only. Once accepted if you meet our requirements, you will go through a two week stage as a Pledge before becoming a Man-at-Arms. We have these ranks because it gives our members goals to climb higher in them and also for authority to take over during events ect... Once a Man-at-Arms, the sky is the limit for our ambitious fighters!

Ingame Information

Ingame tags~ [WF]Rank_Name



Website~ Soon to come

Want to Scrimmage?

Add Colpassa [Wenfire] on steam if you want to scrim us!
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