WF&S Mod Installer Script for mod authors (v3.0)


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Download it from Here

This script is for mod authors. It is quite simple to use and will create a fairly robust standalone installer for your mod, which will automatically detect the WF&S folder and be easy for the end user of your mod to install. Additionally, the created installer executable will tend to be quite a bit smaller than a ZIP file of the same mod.
This script uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS).

Be sure to view the readme file (readme_installer.rtf) for very detailed instructions on how to use this.

Example of a default unchanged copy of this installer script in action:

For more background on it, feel free to check out the Warband Mod Installer Script which it's based on.

Change List
  • Initial release, based completely off of my previous mod installer script for Warband ( which in turn was based off of the one I made for the original M&B ). Game version checking is left in but has been disabled since Steam releases sadly have no apparent way to check the current game version.