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Westseaxena Rīce (Kingdom of Wessex) - "Brégnes Cine Æbylignes"[EU/NA]

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Welcome to the Official thread of the Westseaxena Rīce (Kingdom of Wessex). We're mainly a European based clan, however we consist of other members from North America etc. Our aim as not just a clan, but a community is to provide every individual member with a great experience playing the Viking Conquest DLC with us, and try to re-create the vibe of the real Kingdom of Wessex. We strive to become a professional, active and effective fighting force on the field of battle, using historically accurate tactics and ranks. We are a disciplined clan, purely so we can do the best we can in every single event. The KoW welcome all players to join us, as long as you can attend our events. To enlist, head down to the application format below and copy/paste it.



Wessex (/ˈwɛsɨks/; Old English: Westseaxna rīce, "kingdom of the West Saxons") was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in the south of Great Britain, from 519 until the emergence of a unified English state during the early 10th century.

The Anglo-Saxons believed that Wessex was founded by Cerdic and Cynric, but it is possible that this account is a legend. The two main sources for the kings of Wessex are the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the West Saxon Genealogical Regnal List, which conflict and cannot be fully reconciled. After Cenwealh was baptised, Wessex became a Christian kingdom. His conversion may have been connected with an alliance against Penda of Mercia, who had attacked Wessex and forced him into temporary exile. During Cenwealh's rule the territory of the West Saxons was expanded. A later king, Cædwalla, conquered Sussex, Kent and the Isle of Wight. His successor, Ine, issued one of the oldest surviving English codes of laws and established a second West Saxon bishopric. After Ine, the throne then passed to a series of kings with unknown genealogies.

During the 8th century, as the hegemony of Mercia grew, the kings of Wessex were largely able to maintain their independence. It was during this period that the West Saxon system of shires was established. The fortunes of the kingdom were transformed when Egbert conquered part of Dumnonia, seized control of Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex, conquered Mercia and secured the overlordship of the Northumbrian king, although Mercian independence was restored in 830. During the reign of his successor Æthelwulf, a Danish army arrived in the Thames estuary, but was decisively defeated. When Æthelwulf's son Æthelbald ascended to the throne, the kingdom was divided to avoid bloodshed. Æthelwulf was succeeded in turn by his four sons, the youngest being Alfred the Great.

When Wessex was invaded by the Danes in 871, Alfred was compelled to pay them to leave the kingdom. They returned in 876, but were then made to withdraw. In 878 they forced Alfred to seek refuge in the Somerset Levels, but were eventually defeated at the Battle of Edington. During his reign Alfred issued a new law code, gathered scholars to his court and was able to devote funds in building ships, organising an army and establishing a system of burhs. This is also the era of the last recorded independent King of the Cornish, (Westwealas) Doniert who died a possible traitor's death by drowning in 875. Alfred's son Edward captured the eastern Midlands and East Anglia from the Danes and became ruler of Mercia in 918 upon the death of Æthelflæd, his sister. After Edward's son Athelstan conquered Northumbria in 927, England became a unified kingdom for the first time. Cnut the Great, who conquered England in 1016, created the wealthy and powerful earldom of Wessex, but in 1066 Harold II reunited the earldom with the crown and Wessex then ceased to be a political unit.


Monday: Free day

Tuesday: Free day

Wednesday: Free day

Thursday: Free day

Friday: Training @ 7PM GMT, 2PM EST

Saturday: Pre-Event Training @ 6PM GMT, 1PM EST / Event @ 7PM GMT, 2PM EST

Sunday: Free day


[size=12pt]Are you interested in enlisting with the Kingdom of Wessex, to stand and fight the Norse? Join today! Copy and paste an application, fill it out and an officer will respond within 12 hours.

[b]1. In-game name (Needs to be Saxon):[/b] 

[b]2. Nationality:[/b] 

[b]3. Age:[/b] 

[b]4. Steam name (provide a link too):[/b] 

[b]5. Any previous experience (if no, leave blank):[/b] 

[b]6. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest; how good are you in melee:[/b]


[KoW] Saul
[KoW] Harkyn
[KoW] Diarch
[KoW] Macca

Thanks to Macca for the thread you legend​

Yes we are the Kingdom of Wessex, but we have no problems with other clans wanting to use Kingdoms or territories that existed inside of the Kingdom of Wessex at the time of the Great Heathen Army. You will not be considered our vassal, and will be able to govern yourself without any problems from us.

But if you wish to merge into us, and make a House with your own fief, feel free to contact me.

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms


I also decided to use the variant of Westseaxna which is Westseaxena, as its more in-tune with the 9th Century, which this DLC is based in.
Amontadillo said:
Take a good look at this thread before you finish out your clan. Read especially regarding ranks. Also, making a Clan representing the entire kingdom of Wessex is a bit...

hrotha said:
Well, you can't have a clan lay claim to a whole people. I'd expect anyone wanting to represent, say, the Mercians as a whole, or the Mercian royal family, would be frowned upon, and with good reason*.


*What I mean is that a clan claiming to represent all of Northumbria or the official government of Northumbria leaves little room for other clans to play as Northumbrians and/or it makes for an unbalanced picture where one clan claims an oddly high status compared to the scope and scale of the game.

So yeah. Keep it in mind.

Already read it, and we are going with the Kingdom due to our size (80 Members). So please delete your post and wish us luck. Also we've been getting assistance from Hrotha for the last few days regarding the ranks, so everything should be fine, my friend.

Edit: Also we have no problem with other factions creating Houses that relate to our Kingdom, or domains inside if they would like to play as a West Saxon, but I'm sure the Kingdom of Kent, or Essex would be a good fit.
(For the record, just because I made corrections to your ranks on the basis of spelling and semantics that doesn't mean they are historically correct or that I approve of their use, or of the idea of a clan representing the whole Kingdom of Wessex. On top of what I mentioned in that post, there's also the bit about replacing a key historical figure like Æþelred cyning with your own character :oops:)

But good luck!
hrotha said:
there's also the bit about replacing a key historical figure like Æþelred cyning with your own character :oops:

It's what I'm known for, so it's something you guys will have to deal with, haha.
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