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[Werewolf] Werewolf: Midcopse Mayhem - The shameful end. Wolves win!

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SootShade said:
Should really have thought more about lynching Quail yesterday. I only started thinking seriously about that after Brutus laid down the last vote, though, when I felt that my pack theory was starting to get a little iffy. Right now I'm just about uncertain enough to do the lurker lynch of principle, but as usual that happened when it's already lylo and it's too late for that. :meh:

Don't be moron lynch hawk


"So, overlord gave us a lot of time to discuss things toda...", said one.

"Screw that. Let's lynch that person", said another.

"Hell yeah. Let's show those wolves that they don't even have to bomb vote themselves...we can lynch innocents all by ourselves", said another.

Triumphantly they decided to lynch SoothShade.

And guess what...they want out in a bang. Big style. It wasn't enough that the village lynched the seer on day 1. They had to top it off by actually lynching Keira Metz, the local witch and herbalist to seal their fate.

"Pity", noted one..."she was hot".

And so the inhabitants of Midcopse turned out to be one of the biggest fails in TW Werewolf history. Like, seriously. So bad. No words. They were so bad, the wolves didn't even celebrate their victory. Unbelievable...

SootShade was lynched. He was Keira Metz, the herbalist.


Good game, wolves. It wasn't too hard, but you did very well, that has to be said. Clean victories like that are always an accomplishment.

Besides all the fun I've made of the village, I must say that it's been not easy after the bad start, but that I found it mostly disappointing there was very little attempt to dig deeper. I can understand SootShade didn't want to draw too much attention, but nobody else stepped up and organised the village to counter the wolves. Like that it was just a bunch of "I don't like U" feeling that determined who got lynched.

Anyway, thanks for playing and hope you enjoyed!  :party:

Lord Brutus

Xardob made it too easy.  Calling out Frisian like he did doomed the village.  Good game and thanks for hosting, Adaham.


Orgasmo said:
I'm not surprised. That's what I get for not caring, I guess
I tried to not care, and failed. :meh:

I told myself to just act based on my gut this game, but I just didn't. Both nights I initially thought to protect the person whom got munched, then rationalized myself out of it, and on the second day I was beginning to think that Frisian really was the least suspicious of my suspects, but decided that lynching him first was the logical choice anyway.
SootShade said:
...and on the second day I was beginning to think that Frisian really was the least suspicious of my suspects, but decided that lynching him first was the logical choice anyway.

Basically. This is why I hate lurkers- you're damned if you kill them, you're damned if you don't. He really wasn't the most suspicious player, but I was annoyed by the lack of help when he did post (similar to King ****, but **** was innocently clueless).

At least I wasn't horribly off when I did try- 2/3 of my top suspects were wolves, 3/5 if you roll in the middle suspects. But I ultimately went with you instead of Eternal or Hawk because you didn't call put Hawk for placing an early vote.
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