Were Flight Arrows Ever Used In Battles In History? (Found Some BL Stuff)

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I am aware of flight archery. I am aware that some civilizations used volley fire while others didn't. Turkish Flight Archery is quite well known. I was wondering if it was ever deployed in battle or just used for competition as the arrow construction was different. Was it just deployed on lightly armored foes or heavy armored foes as well? Here is some found photos of flight/volley arrows from bannerlord. I wonder if this use in bannerlord is situation based or it can be used as the norm?



So far I never heard or found any information that turkish flight arrow use in battle. Turkish flight shooting during ottoman empire was a sport for showing their skill in archery how far the arrow can go(including skill making the best bow). The weight of flight arrows used by ottoman were around 160 to 300 grains and weight of war arrows from 300 up to 650 grains which were lighter compare to war arrows used by English archers which were 1500 grains. For me any arrow can hurt people regardless how light the arrow is but used in battle Im not sure. One more thing maybe flight arrow was defined differently based on culture or region on that times


I've seen a bit of debate lately about exactly how much massed long distance or indirect volley fire was actually used by archers - particularly by European war bows. I haven't seen/read enough about these debates to comment further, other than noting that in particular heavy English war bows would no doubt become more effective against average armour at significantly closer ranges than the movies would have us think.

Would massed light arrows be effective massed at range if there are even questions around heavy arrows used in this way? As above, I'm sure any arrow can harm, and even nuisance value could be enough to force an unfavourable tactical change in the battle space, or to throw untrained/undrilled forces into disarray. I wish I'd followed these debates closer...
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