Wemans Online(An attempt to make singleplayer online)

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Hello everyone. As Wemans community, we have published Brother Wemans Super Add-On Pack V3 recently.
This mod allows players to use cool features within any server in NW DLC. When you use it you can change your clothes, change your face and more other stuff. And all of them are working on default(non-scripted) NW servers too.

So we have decided to make more things covering warband community. We created a test version of Wemans Online and this lets you and other players meet in warband map. What are we planning to do is listed here:
  • Letting people fight with their armies on warband servers.
  • Letting people create their kingdoms.
  • Letting people fight for castles.
If you want to help us in any ways, please contact us. This can be server hosting, modding support, scripting support or testing perhaps. Also you can join us to see new updates too! Our discord link is here: Wemans Discord

Screenshots from tests:


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