Unresolved Weird lags - Internet?

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Hi together, recently I experienced this lag again and it becomes worse.

Here's a little video of what happens exactly. It feels like the server timesout, but its just happening to me. As you can see Garde's jump is smooth while Im stuck walking on the same place till I get teleported. These laggs are not constant but appear from time to time.

I have no idea how to fix this, I reinstalled my computer twice and deleted all programms and settings, also resetted my router.
* Capped Mouse hz to 500
* Capped ingame fps
* Tried steam and nonsteam version
* no vsync
* ethernetcable is like 7m long (shouldnt be a problem tho, or?)
* no package loss
* no ping spikes
* router is quite an older version, therefore I ordered a new one to double check it.

Recently swapped my keyboard and mouse, but can't tell if it definitely started since I swapped these.
Here's the other topic I started in 2020 for the same problem, but there I simply stopped playing and It became better when I started again.

- I will double check my cable now and tell if it works soon.
- I'll try to lower FPS cap till it might get better

Thanks for your help :smile:
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I get the same thing when I play Warband. My connection is fine and has always been stable, it may be something weird with the Master Server since I cannot think of any other logical reason (the game has not been updated for a long while).
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