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Weird gear pieces on troops

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Hi all,

im not sure if a thread for this excists or not as ive looked but couldnt find an anwser quikly.. Ive noticed some weird things when it comes to troops and their gear.

Like for example the khuzait heavy lancer line. All of them have outright dreadfull leg armor. The top tier one has eastern curved boots who only give 5 points of leg armor. Their chest piece the heavy lammelar over mail will also add some leg armor to that, but theyre still at about half of the leg armor of heavy cav units from other factions. And since legs are a very vunerable part on cavalry thats a mayor weakspot. The top tier one doesent get an hand armor upgrade compared to the tier 4 one either, both have rough tied bracers. Barding on the horses LOOKS the same for the tier 4 and tier 5 but we cant see the stats so I cant comment there :unsure:

To stay in the Khuzait tech tree: The tier 3 mounted archer the Khuzait raider has better boots then the Khuzait horse archer. The horse archer has a better chest piece for higher overall leg armor but thats besides the point. Why are troops getting a downgrade in some of their armor pieces? :meh:

Even further back down the line, the Khuzait tribal warrior has a tier 2 thick fur hood helmet with 12 armor and the tier 3 Khuzait horse archer has a tier 1 cap with neck flap helmet for 6 armor. Makes total sense that my higher tiered unit gets worse armor kappa

I can perfectly understand wanting a certain astethic for our troops but please dont let that be a deciding factor for how much (or little) armor our troops end up having because the latter has a impact on their combat performance while the former does not. We upgrade our troops and their gear gets an upgrade to reflect this so it makes 0 sense for their gear to actually get a downgrade.

I dident go over all factions as I was just inspecting the Khuzaits because im recruiting some of them for mounted archers at the moment but please look into this.
That's easy enough to explain and I've raised it several times myself. They don't have a system.

That's why suede boots give more armor than plate boots. It's like an intern was put in charge of gear.


Try Realistic Battle Mod (RBM). It has full troop and armour system overhaul, so troops are equipped with the gear that matches their troop tier, culture, and appearance. And all armour values and resistances are rebalanced, according to the type of armour/clothing and its material.
Dunno why, but I like to think the relative fragility of the heavy lancer gives them a very different use to the likes of Vlandian Knights. Rather than throwing them into a braced formation to get mashed up, they're best used the same way Steppe militaries used them. Namely, to charge down overextended formations.


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The top tier one has eastern curved boots who only give 5 points of leg armor.
There isn't a lot of high tier leg armor in the game. I don't believe there is any top tier eastern footwear, for example. I think they spent their assets budget on helmets and body armor and the leg armor got the short shrift.

I really wish that intern hadn't nerfed the lamellar plate boots. After every update I have to edit the XML file to restore the boot's armor value.


The Khuzait heavy horse archer (right next to the Khuzait heavy lancer on the troop tree) has 'reinforced suede boots' a tier 4 leg armor which gives 20 points of armor.

Id love for them all to have unique appearances but for lack of a better alternative give them that? As is, the ranged cav unit has better leg armor then the melee cav unit does :meh:


Yeah sometimes you get some really weird setups like a guy in tier 5 armor with tier 1 gloves, or an elite cav unit whose backup weapon is tier one.

They really just need to redo it.
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