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[Weekly Event] IG Sundays - NEXT WEEKEND 07/07 - 14:00 BST

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IG Sundays

We are happy to announce a new initiative: IG Sundays.

As you all know IG Battlegrounds has been up for some time now and has been struggling to get a stable population. We believe a lot of this is down to players not wanting to join an empty server, as we have noticed that when a few players stick on it for a while it begins to populate. In order to get more players on the server regularly, we're going to be holding a weekly event after lunch time on a Sunday. So on Sundays between 2.00 - 4.00pm BST we invite the Warband community to come and enjoy Warband the old fashioned way (of course we're happy if you stay longer!). Get warmed up for your competitive matches on Sunday night, play against other top tier players in a relaxed environment or just mess around and enjoy playing on a large public server.

We hope players new and old will come along on Sundays, if it's a success, perhaps we can roll some more out and make IG the go to server for Warband fun once more.​

Time below so you don't have to worry about timezones!


CarpeDiem said:
Why would you want to revive IG?

some of us enjoy casual battle mode and not 6v6 try hard mode with people who rage :razz: Its a pity wolfpack den seems to have instantly vanished but ill turn up to play :grin:




Was a lot of fun! Great to see some old faces and have some IG fun. We'll try and get the map rotation sorted for next week so it does't keep changing to random plains!

Next one 26/05/19 - 14:00BST
I am bringing my computer to my permanent address and will be more active. Looking forward to taking part in this!
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