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After reading the "Future Plans" update posted on August 17th, the one aspect that really caught my attention was the cutscenes. I've been hoping for cutscenes to be added to the game for quite a while, and I am very excited to see how they will be implemented.

However, I noticed that weddings weren't included on the list of potential cutscenes. I believe that adding actual wedding-events (as in more than just a cutscene) to the game would add a very fun layer to an already amazing game. I will go a little more into detail regarding what I mean:

1) After proposals have been accepted and money has changed hands with the head-of-family, there should be a short cutscene showing the wedding procession (this can obviously be customized according to a particular kingdom's culture as I'd imagine a Sturgian wedding would probably differ a bit from a Vlandian wedding). It could take place in the capital city of the player's kingdom, or within a city/castle that is player-owned.
2) Once the cutscene has concluded, you should be able to wander around the wedding feast and talk to various characters. Attendance can include all of your companions, all family members, some or all of the nobles from your particular kingdom, as well as the noble family of your spouse. Other nobility can obviously be in attendance as well, depending on their status of war/peace at the time of the wedding.
3) During this event there can be a range of activities to choose from (board games, jousting tournaments, etc.), as well as the opportunity to talk to all of the nobles present at the event. If possible, there can be new marriage alliances made, discussion of favors, and even the exchange of gifts.
4) Upper-tier families should give a substantial monetary gift to the newly wedded couple, while lower-tier families can offer gifts of horses or even upper-tier weapons and armor.
5) Interaction with your spouse should include at least one unique conversation. You should also have the option to have your spouse with you as you walk around the feast to interact with the guests.
6) This idea might be a little more complicated, but perhaps having the option for characters to dance to music and have a band playing would also be fun.
7) There should also (of course) be a way to skip the event once the wedding cutscene concludes; I understand that some players may not care about this.

These are just a few ideas that I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy them!


They did specifically mention they were going to do cut scenes for weddings in one post here on the forums that I recall. It had Portal vibes, "All your friends will be there", and is everyone there waiting for me? And there's cake too? All I gotta do is some mundane task?
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