Wedding attire & being paid for marriage offers

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The wedding cut scene is missing wedding attire like a wedding dress for the brides and maybe special clothing for the grooms. Also I think that using the same exact priest that looks exactly the same is questionable. Each culture ought to have wedding clothing for the bride, the groom and the priest related to the culture.
The priest could be wearing the drab clothing of the current priest but in other regions the priest maybe wearing big tall hats, jewelry and gowns. I'm not sure how the look of the priest or wedding attire will be determined but it looks very incomplete that there are no wedding clothing in Bannerlord but there is wedding clothing in Warband. Warband has that wedding dress that many of us have seen many times over the years.

Maybe some cultures like the Battanians may have a priestess perform the marriage or there is a chance of either a male or female priest depending upon the culture.

So the player has to pay for a marriage but if a clan offers a marriage there is no payment to the player or no wedding cost? I think that clans that make a marriage offer should offer a significant payment based upon the age of the potential spouse and their stats. If the potential spouse is female but she has a tiny chance of getting pregnant then the clan offering this bride should offer more money for this marriage. If the bride is younger and has a very high chance of getting pregnant then that ought to affect the payment of the marriage.
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