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Dear Taleworld,

Has been a long time since I have been on those forums, from the first Mount and Blade, to Warband and now Bannerlord, thousand upon thousand of hours in your game and still enjoying them.

I have a single request, it has bugged me and baffled me since started playing Bannerlod.

Please consider revising the inconsistencies of weapon lengths, the average one handed sword should be around 30 inches ( 80cm) at most, anything longer should be either longsword( bastard sword ) or 2 handed.

There are so many examples of 1handed longer than most 2 handed weapon (excluding polearms)but looking at character model seems apparent to me they are disproportionately long( for example the fine steel paramenion with an astounding length of 116 one handed not even being a longsword)

I'm enjoying Bannerlord on console therefore unable to use mods or modify the files myself( I recall the worst ever offender being the Veagir cavalry with athletics 0 during Warband era almost 15 years ago prontly modified to the average 4 for cavalry)

Unsure if anyone will even see this post ,times have change and now game developers only spend time on Reddit and even worse Discord so if anyone can pass this on is appreciated

Edit: also can we return to when weapon could not ne used 2 handed when riding an horse , controlling it telepathically while swinging a 2 handed in rather silly
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Amen, 1h swords that are 126 length look ridiculous. Not anything like an alternate medieval world, but more like a high fantasy one. The same applies to the long pole arms that can swing. It just looks off.
Dealing with this is more difficult than it might seem though. The whole way AI fight is also influenced by weapon lengths I assume, so it's tricky.


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Edit: also can we return to when weapon could not ne used 2 handed when riding an horse , controlling it telepathically while swinging a 2 handed in rather silly
Riders use their legs to control a horse when their hands are preoccupied. And I don't think there was ever a time in M&B where players couldn't use appropriate 2-handed weapons on horseback.


Are you sure shortswords arent 130cm blade length?

In all seriousness, i would rather have 2h swords longer, because 1h swords feel pretty short for me, i basically cant even use a 1h sword on horseback, because they are too short, especially with mid-height characters.

Not for realism, but for gameplay, i am well aware of real sizes etc., but i do prefer more fun to be had, so longer, chonkier and more brutal 2h swords would fit better, even if a tad slower.
There are already a ton of better realism features they could add, like the armor material making a difference in damage reduction (it doesnt, its just a flat armor value, if you care to read more, check the player subset link in my sig, gratefully stolen from/granted by Terco_Viejo).

I know shorter swords are more real, but 2h feels too short sometimes too.
But all in all, if either of the options (shorter 1h or longer 2h) gets added in, im happy nonetheless.


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Agree, plus I think many cavalry units should be looked at in terms of whether their weapon lengths are crippling in cav vs. cav situations.

The fact that Khan's Guards can just kind flail a glaive around and easily destroy every noble cav unit just in virtue of having a longer swinging weapon is not so great.

Then there are cavalry units with short axes or maces that are just really, really bad at being cavalry.
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