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Small quality of life improvement mostly but i can't imagine it would take a huge amount to add either.

Especially with polearms and crossbows, i usually have 2 weapons of each type with me, so a short Menavlion or billhook for sieges where a long spear gets in the way, and a long spear for riding down peasants in field battles, same with crossbows i'll have a light crossbow for field battles to use on horseback and a heavier crossbow to use in sieges for picking off defenders.

Right now, i change manually between battles, but it's a little clunky and i often forget meaning i'm going into a battle with the wrong set on, my long spear is almost entirely ineffective in a siege, so example.

My suggestion would be to have pre-defined sets which could be changed into, either automatically for siege and field battles (like how you automatically go into your civilian gear in a town), or to just have a UI or hotkey to change quickly directly from the world map (or even inventory screen but that kinda defeats the object).

Thank you for reading.
Either different sets or a "Equip-zone" on the battle- map(Especially Siege-map). Where you can access you inventory.
There is an issue though with multiple sets - If I loot a nice piece of armour, equip it and sell the old, suddenly in next siege I miss that armour-piece. The 2 sets we have cureently is fine as they are so different. We are not expected to have the same piece in both. With a "siege-set", most players would have 90% same stuff, maybe a some different weapons only.

I would say, lets have a part of the inventory that is accessible from battlescenes? It could likely be 2-3 slots only. And it´s only accessble from the "Equip-zone" close to your spawning spot.
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