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Weapon Collectors is not a clan per se, but more of a simple collection of individuals who devote themselves to collecting weapons in Warband. Here are the basic rules:

No armour can be worn, though helmets are allowed, and perhaps gloves
Shields are not allowed
Type with good spelling and grammar, be nice to everyone and don't do anything to sully the Weapon Collector name
Horses cannot be spawned, only stolen from the battlefield. That horse then must be defended with your life.
Do your best not to fight unless you are forced to, or are the last one alive on your team
Anyone on the other team seen stealing MUST be punished, in whatever way possible
Your main objective is to collect weapons, not scorepoints.

The Weapon Collectors so far have two participators. Myself, known as Humble_Weapons_Collector, or as Humble's cruel alter-ego Sinister_Weapons_Collector, and my assistant, by the obvious name of Weapons_Collectors_Assistant. My Assistant is allowed to break any and all of the above rules should he choose to do so, but nobody else is.

To join, simply create a new character or rename one to "(yournameofchoice)_Weapons_Collector" or "Weapons_Collector_(yournameofchoice)." You are not allowed to break the rules of weapons collecting while you have this name, but you can switch characters for more serious playing. You do not have to ask permission or sign up, simply change the name.

But Weapons Collectors are not strictly peaceful defenders of their stashes of pointy goods. Each Weapons Collector has an evil alter-ego, usually with a dark aggressive beard and angry eyebrows. For reference:

Humble_Weapons_Collector is on the left, Sinister_Weapons_Collector on the right.
These cunning and terrible alter-egos are violent and cruel, but still true to the Weapon Collecting cause. But instead of finding weapons to collect from dead soldiers, the evil Collectors take the weapons for themselves, by any means necessary.

The collecting itself is simple. Just find a good spot to bring weapons to. Ideally it should have more than two easy routes of access, while not being too much in the open. Not too far from the fighting areas, as it takes too long to go back to, but not too close as it is easy to get shot or have weapons stolen by the enemy. Weapon Collectors never travel with weapons. They run with no equipment, only picking things up to return to their collection spot. The lack of armour makes a Collector lighter than most opponents, so they almost always have the option of retreat from killing someone.

If there are more than one Weapon Collectors in a team, they should both share the same collection spot. If there is a Collector in the opposite team, you must try as best you can to hide your weapons and find the enemy's, take them, and add them to your own. Total hostility to a rival collector is justified, as is the killing of anyone who tries to stop you from getting him.

Now, my final point of interest: There is a dynamic hierarchy of weapons that you can collect. Very common, very cheap weapons such as javelins, Nordic Swords, and scimitars, are low on the list. Some of the weapons that are at the top are Great Swords, Throwing Spears, Sarranid Cavalry Swords, Shortened Voulges, Great Axes (Great Long Axes are slightly below them as they tend to be more common) and other rarer items. However, in a plains map with lots of cavalry, lances and spears will be much lower on the list than if it were an urban map, where there is mostly infantry. It isn't hard to find out which weapons are both expensive, good looking, and in low supply.


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If I were to be a weapon collector, what kind of weapon collector would I be? A cat is notorious for hording the goods it collects, so I assume I'd swallow them through some kind of stage magic and then regurgitate then once at my secret kitty lair. A thousand plagues on anyone who touches my pillaged goods. Love you, Woofven~<3


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Silly Ruthven, collections are for merchants.

All your stashes are belong to me, with interest!




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Ruthven said:
Too bad you never play!

Bollocks, I've been playing here and there for several weeks now. I was even in that duel tournament or whatnot, dueling and whatever.
Okay, here are some of our possible themes.




-The Goron theme fits because as Collectors we are have primitive/tribal characteristics (Such as gathering sharp objects and
having no clothing along with creating and defending our weapon nests.) But are also sophisticated in the way we speak and interact with other Collectors.



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Well of course I have to join! If you take me, then I shall go by Cosmo_Weapons_Collector.
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