We who are about to Die! Made by an old m&b modder - me!

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It has been 7 years of development in the meantime!

I've been focusing full time on the game for the last few months and I'm very happy to announce the game will be releasing in Early Access in less than a month - november 15th.
If you're interested and want to help + get a notification, wishlisting is the best easiest way to do that: https://store.steampowered.com/app/973230/We_Who_Are_About_To_Die/

Check out the new trailer I made here! Exciting times :smile:


Hello! I'm an old M&B and M&B warband modder who set out to make their own game. For the past 6+ years I have solo developed a gladiator roguelite game next to my real job. Below is the early days of the game's development but first, check out the Steam page here for all info you might need. (Please consider wishlisting and sharing with friends/in your discords if you like it, as that is the best way to help out!)


Hey taleworldians! It's me again! :smile: Modding M&B has been such an influence in my life I actually ended up working on a game - and it even has directional combat! Because its the best goddamn combat I ever played, so I didn't want to reinvent the wheel in that aspect. So I figure if you're here, you might like my project.


Official discord: https://discord.gg/eCdUxht
Come chat/idle & follow development!

In short - you start as a lowly fighter or slave, meant to die in the combat pits, and fight your way through the arenas to fame, wealth and glory.
Pick your next fights, will you duel another gladiator man to man, fight multiple on your own, or take an allied team with you? Save for and purchase or loot armor and weapons, and master the directional and physics based combat system. The only thing keeping you alive are your reflexes and skill with the combat system. And be careful - because if you die, you die.


Check later in the thread for more up to date screenshots etc :smile: Here's a few old things:





I'm dying for some feedback, so any question and suggestions are super welcome.
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Neat looking game, reminds me a little bit of Colosseum: Road to Freedom on the PS2. If you can make it even half as good as that, you'll be on the right track.
This system you have here would be quite good to adapt into future games. Obviously not anytime soon, but it seems versatile enough to impliment into any time period and thus you could make an entire series of it.
I'll make a mosaic, I said. It'll be nice, I said.
Turns out it seems deceptively easy but is actually nightmare to "model".

Working on the visuals of the game a bit :smile: needs to be purtied up if I'm going to be making videos and updating and stuff, I figure.

That's pretty cool looking, it's the right kind of design for making small arenas interesting without being distracting.
It looks good, but I think it won't survive in today's gaming market. I have made some adjustments to help you thrive in this competitive world of gaming.

Thank you guys :grin:

Arcyboo - that's hilarious hah!

Adorno - Thanks! I'm using UE4 for this, love it so much.

Been working on an updated character model mesh (naked/unarmored of course - would be pretty rare)

Really liking the art style so far, it's all stitched nicely. Good luck with the project!
So you're making the characters more proportional, less cartoon'ish. Particularly the head.
Yeah, a bit less stylised :grin: I hope that might look a little less silly.
Thanks Marko!

Less updates on my game the last week or two because I've been freelancing (gotta pay dem bills D:smile: and because I have attacked the major undertaking of redoing the main character, rig, skin and ALL animations.
It's one of those tasks that I knew was ahead of me because I was using placeholders, so its better to just go through it and do it sooner rather than later.
So at the moment the game is pretty broken until I redo all animations!
I actually am learning a LOT about animating - it is a weakness of mine. I'm starting to use curves and trajectories to get those smooth attack/slash animations etc :smile: I also researched a bit about realistic combat moves and made a makeshift shield & using my mini arsenal of weapons and recorded myself doing all the animation the game needs, which is a huge help to get realistic movement.
Here's the final (for now) new character, the new rig, and a screenshot of an animation (one of mannnnny). The red line represents the curve the tip of the sword/axe/mace/whatever makes!
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Yay random screenshots from game :smile: I'll make an update video (there is plenty to cover!) probably this week.

Is there anything you'd want as a must-have, or are looking forward to about a gladiatorial combat game like this?


Highelf said:
Yay random screenshots from game :smile: I'll make an update video (there is plenty to cover!) probably this week.

Is there anything you'd want as a must-have, or are looking forward to about a gladiatorial combat game like this?
Haven't posted yet so first I want to say it's good to see you back 'round the community, and the game looks cool. :grin:

As for a gladiatorial game, absolutely. There was so much absurd style and flair about the games and so little of it has made its way to games. I actually started, but abandoned before I decided to go public with it, a M&B mod based around the idea. My goal was really to capture all the different styles and difficult circumstances gladiators were forced to adhere to. So what I'd really like to see is some of those ideas. Say a highly protective helmet, but it heavily restricts breathing and vision, like the Secutor - plus his usual foe, the Retiarius, who was very lightly armoured (only one arm) but was given a net and trident.

There are far more than those, of course, but I don't so much mean the specific examples as the concept. Bizarre equipment and circumstances that have to be adapted to.
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