We should be able to own more than one alley/clearing/backstreet in the same town and some other changes to the alley ownership mechanic.

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Just to let everyone know, TW did fix that your clan parties do now sell prisoners, so they can gain roguery doing it. It does take a little bit of time to do but getting some focus will help do it fast. I started a new series to test how viable it is to do it since there is a bug where companions are dying so fast and not many have roguery and some have mercy as well. That means your list of companions to choose from is so small. This is something that 100% needs to be adjusted by TW
I wrote a suggestion on the "1.1.1 Patch Notes...?" thread but I would prefer the next system to be expanded is the Crime Rating itself and make it more of a roleplay element and a tie into to Kingdom and Trait systems for Bandit playthroughs.

Right now the alley ownership is a flavor thing. The gold should be scaled higher - 5% off of prosperity with maybe another +0.1% per 10 Roguery levels of your COMPANION and I'd also like the ability to either have specific missions or continuous projects running like Robbing Merchants, Ambushing Caravans, Ransoming Nobles, something to give more flavor to banditry playthroughs overall and have more of a reason to actually use these alleyways.

And also giving extra recruitment slots or having Crime-boss notables (Whatever they're called) be more likely to back you for that passive influence. A chance to breakout Lords or other prisoners to have them added or ransomed would also be nice. Really need a tiering system to this either scaling off of your Criminal Rating, companion Roguery, or more.

I do agree with the bonus sneak percentage and I'd like an extra (very small) auto-resolve calc bonus if I have alleys with higher tier troops.

Some changes I'd like to see on Criminal Rating (I have no idea if some of these are there or not already)
- Allow the AI to own alleyways as well, not just the Crimeboss type notables, but Lords. This relates to a different point

- Scaling gold from alleyways as criminal rating goes up

- Larger criminal rating gain (provided the some/all changes are present)

- Bandits become neutral or even friendly at a specific Criminal Rating level -- at least in a vicinity around a town -- unsure if that's viable within the codebase. This allows them to jump into help you, prevents them from attacking your peasants/caravans (maybe outright remove the "nearby base" malus), and makes it easier to directly recruit them in early/mid game when you don't have a doomstack

The biggest change I'd want is Criminal / Fugitive status becoming a real thing. Lords should own alleyways especially if they have negative Traits, are Rebellion Lords, Minor Factions, and/or don't any fiefs. Obviously that logic ladder needs to be rectified depending if they're a Minor or Major Faction Lord. At a certain Crime Rating level you get booted from the Kingdom with the ability to seize the town and you have to siege it within 5 days but most of the garrison being assassinated or prisoners being let out to join you.

If you're a Bandit Lord you can only recruit Mercenaries or other Bandit Lords and all bandit parties become neutral and maybe same-culture Bandits (e.g., if you're an Aserai then Desert Bandits, and so on) become straight up friendly. This allows you to have a Kingdom without worrying about Clan Rank but maybe change it as well for the type of Kingdom. Either by locking you out of certain policies or not letting you use them at all. Loyalty maluses should increase at least until a certain point (maybe your crime rating at a fief dropping or your clan tier hitting a certain point). This would be a great thing to have RTR for but existing systems should work.

Also, if you're a Bandit Kingdom, everyone should be able to declare on you as normal with maybe an increased chance as well as being permanently at war with whatever Kingdom you broke away from - no peace option - you should be more likely to be executed, harder to find a wife (more reason to be able to marry others) and this would tie in even better to Claimants.

And as an out you can agree to give up your Kingdom but the penalty of all of your fiefs, troops and **** being taken (since you're in jail) and perhaps the chance of you being executed increased.

To level the fields there should be a conversion to bandit hideouts being able to recruit troops and increase what you can get from your fiefs (but perhaps lockout villages & other notables unless you coerce them). You should have significant bonuses to raiding and coercion, gain speed benefits around hideouts or in other bad terrain except snow, and then new Bandit types should also be added.

Lot's of spit-balling and out of order requests, but lot's of potential to turn the Crime Rating & Alleyways into something really impactful
I absolutely love the new additions made in patch 1.1, especially the addition of taking over backstreets and it's defense event, but I would like to offer some suggestions to make the feature even better:

- We should be able to control more than 1 alley in the same town, and if we control all, we no longer should have to worry about them being taken over. It would also feel incredible being able to control a town's production and mafia without even owning it for roleplay purposes
Agree on controlling multiple alleys in a town, though I think if you have a "monopoly" on all the alleys you should really be under constant attack.

That basically gives you the choice of
A) Spread out alley control for less frequent attacks
B) Focus on single town mob boss style, but deal with constant attacks

- An alley's income should be tied to more than just the 2% of a town's prosperity, things like security and our companion's roguery skill should also affect the income
I think the income is fine, problem is I don't think gangs scale to Prosperity.

Low Prosperity Town > Easy to take over (small gangs)
Higher Prosperity Town > Harder to take over (big gangs)

Maybe it is that way already? Though didn't seem like it from my couple hours.

- The daily crime from owning alleys should be increased, its current criminal rating generation is too low to make a difference; a hideout gives +0.5 crime rating per day, while crime naturally decreases by 1 every day. An alternate proposal would be to add a floor value to the crime rating based on the number of alleys we own in the same faction (something like 15 crime rating minimum for each backstreet as an example)
Yes, but if you have 3 alleys in one Kingdom you are going to be gaining +1.5 Crime Rating a day, so that would be +0.5 a day.

That means (unless this has changed) Kingdoms will literally declare war on you once your Crime Rating is high enough.

- If the town's loyalty is low enough and we own a backstreet, we should be able to incite rebellion; if we're succesful in fighting a handful of town guards in the town centre, the town loyalty should become 0 (like in fourberie mod)
Not a bad idea.

Although kind of the problem, doesn't Fourberie do all this and much more already? Sadly I think we're very much in a situation where Mods > Base Game at this point. All I know is unless I can get all my current mods working on 1.1, I'm not going to bother with it, nice as some things are unfortunately.

- If we own a back alley, our assigned companion should become a new (gang leader) notable for the town, and they should give us the regular quests given by gang leaders.
Eh I don't think making Companions effectively Notables is good idea. What happens when you remove them or add them back to your Party? Or would it be permanent and why would you really want to do that?

Maybe that would be okay if you could make Companions Notables for anything (like Merchant, Village Head, etc.) but I can't see that becoming a feature from TW.
I hate that you have to leave a companion everywhere. With all the things that require leaving a companion here and sending one there, you're left with no companions to actually be your companions
Distinguished Troops mod is your buddy.

If not... well there has to be a significant tradeoff. Otherwise you are just gonna put people everywhere.
Higher Prosperity Town > Harder to take over (big gangs)
I think, that the gangs in the game are already too big. Sometimes, there are about 7 or even 9 thugs guarding an alley, and I can't imagine how is this possible to take over such an alley without having a hord of children or companions (given that some of them are already controlling some alley, so they won't participate in a fight). I'm sure there will be people who say "Hey, I can easily beat 9/20/9000 people solo without losing a single HP", but I'm definitely not one of those.
Distinguished Troops mod is your buddy.

If not... well there has to be a significant tradeoff. Otherwise you are just gonna put people everywhere.
Simple solution - that really doesn't 'break' the games balance. They are already way more expensive than regular troops (+buying equipment) to counterbalance their near-immortality and added skills/perks/benefits.
Or just remove the cap as tied to clan tier. I should be allowed to hire 20 companions if I choose, try and maintain 20 separate parties without bankrupting, have them all sit in a town to dominate that arena/reward/stash, or create a companion only party.
The only balancing needed removing caps would be making sure 20 caravans doesn't become too ridiculous income-wise (money doesn't really do anything anyways), or diminishing/corruption returns from uncapped workshops. And the mess with repurchasing after losing a workshop or caravan if one chooses to play 20+companions is upon the player.
The alley strength is dependent on their owners power score.
Will the wages/upkeep/upgrade costs of troop units be relooked at or is TW content where they are currently?
The alleyways is a good add for that 'easy' passive income at the outset, but that also further trivializes most of the fun/challenge maintaining a party at the early stage of the game/mercenary phase along with acquiring better gear with the cost balance of things. Not to mention how it makes it easier to get/maintain a full stack of T6 units and further quicker to completely steamroll other parties (and the added loot income) than it is already while still easily netting/hoarding income daily.
Or just remove the cap as tied to clan tier. I should be allowed to hire 20 companions if I choose, try and maintain 20 separate parties without bankrupting, have them all sit in a town to dominate that arena/reward/stash, or create a companion only party.
That's what Distinguished Service (the mod) does.
wow man very in depth wish I could speak what I think that clearly and ya I agree need to really do more with the crime activity like owning bandit camps/camps for early storage
looters are mostly useless to have in a party (except if we want fodder for medicine exp) due to not being able to upgrade
na disagree most time Dey got pitch forks polarm that rare back da mount and not all nobles have large party’s but mix that up with some highwayman boom u got pikemen and skirmisher cavalry
I did make a mistake and misunderstood the developer. You can own as many as you have companions for.

The bottleneck is that unless the plan is to use all companions to hold onto territory, or use a mod to give more companions, there are still limits.
The bottleneck is that unless the plan is to use all companions to hold onto territory, or use a mod to give more companions, there are still limits.
Don't like the limits as they are but this is a fair thing with the current system so you can either be focused all-in for alleys, or balanced ratio mixing it up with caravans, governors, or roaming parties, or stronger role party units; which I think is what TW was going for. Before all that consideration goes out the window once you have kids (unlimited companions).
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