We should be able to give NPC missions

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Playing Bannerlords the concept of bandits and acquiring missions from NPC's is repetitive it needs more variance and random events/interactions. For example there should be instances where a bandit leader has a silver tongue and can convince you to spare him, so that he may join you or become a contact that you can sell illicit items to, so that he/she can smuggle them to towns and cities that have laws banning the items. We should also be able request NPC's to do things for us for a reward and give them missions, not just us the player acquiring missions from NPC's. For example I should be able to pay a band of bandits or a bandit leader I have a relationship with, to smuggle, to capture, to target certain villagers or caravans from certain heroes/merchants or kingdoms I either want to plot against or I am at war with. I should be able to initiate trade wars paying a merchant to sabotage another merchants goods, asking them to pay off bandits to attack a caravan, or pay a leader of a town or city to ban a heroes caravan from selling in their city, or in my own city, to put financial pressure on heroes and or kingdoms.
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