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We need to talk about renown, and my 2 cents on the game so far..

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I really like this game, having completely finished it in 100 hours on the single player campaign. It deserves the steam 85% rating and has great potential to do even better. The seiges and scale of the battles is fantastic! It is a unique blend of strategy game, tactical real time battles and rpg style character development (like crusader kings)

Heres a link to some screenshots of my campaign on steam:

That said here is my constructive feedback on the EA build beta:
- Recent introduction of faster character levelling in the beta is a big improvement over past builds.
- takes way too long to earn renown and its too repetitive and 'grindy' trying to earn it. Had to cheat in the middle of the game to earn 200 renown because I was so bored - had to do this to get to the real 'meat' of the game which is founding your kingdom. Please either reduce renown requirements or add large renown rewards for completing campaign mission objectives. Earning renown i late game is much less of a problem once you can field large armies of 1000+.
- Many quests, such as neretzes folly are difficult and very tedious to complete. Please shorten this quest or rework completely.
- Lack of late game challenge, end of game quests appear to be placeholder because you can't currently finish them.
- bartering and diplomacy with other characters needs a total rework. Please make something a bit more creative than picking dialogue options with % chance to succeed. Too easy to earn charm other nobles by exploiting bartering system (can currently earn charm by offering nothing to lords during barters). Also you can acquire settlements for almost nothing with an OP high level trade perk, which was made possible in this recent patch by improved character levelling.
- Would like to see a more 'alive' and interactive game world with unique events, NPC activities, occurrences and activities in each and every settlement.
- player character gets wounded a bit too easily.Maybe make player character tough by default in campaign difficulty settings.
- Please fix broken character skills, such as the steward skill line. Some of these are really powerfully and its a downer when you pick these and they do nothing (at least disable these if they aren't working yet).
- More uses for influence stat later on, such as assassinations, plots and other machinations.
- I heard that enable death option isn't currently working. Many youtubers and livestreamers will likely want this feature to add some drama to their streams.
- It appears that there are some serious 'ai pathfinding' issues in large scale siege battles, many of which went down to 1 fps when my troops tried to figure out how to climb seige towers en masse. Lowering graphics settings does not fix this issue, although it helps with general performance in large battles.
- more sophisticated kingdoms voting system, When I played I found that it was always the same two or three vassals out of 20 or so that were permitted to vote on things. Create a system that allows all vassals to participate. Add different forms of government, each with their own form of voting.
- introduce technological change, allow certain factions to develop and use cannons and arquebuses (a type of early musket) in the late game).
- rebalnce starting character race traits, some are clearly better than others. Same applies to character skills - charm and stewardship in particular are much better than other skills at present.
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