We need something between join battle and simulation. Like tactical mode.

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I think that can be a great feature to have a more tactical way to play battle. You see the battlefield from the sky, You have icons to show your troops, ally and ennemy and you play it like a wargame. Make tactics skill more useful and a better control of your troops and battlefield.


I definitely get your point... But with the amount of things on the devs plate and many other areas lacking or not tuned properly your best bet for this is a total war game


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It has already been stated that this isn't the desire for the game. It would push it too close to Total War, and Total War is 20 years ahead in developing it's tactical battlefield model. I play Bannerlord specifically because it is a different experience to that of Total War.

I don't need a tactical view of a 600 man battle. It's not big enough to need it. I can get a good view of the battle by standing on a rock.

Also, because we can't issue specific attack orders to our troops... a tactical view might end up being pointless.
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