We need a Vet server

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I understand that the horrible slowness of the current servers is to help stop the skill gap between vets and noobs... and yeah, i understand the importance of that. I tried many times and bought many keys to try get buds to play Warband, but they all quit when they got wrekt.

But, while we love the game, for most of us vets, or new players who are pretty twitchy, the slowness is annoying as fudge-sickles. We all have our fingers crossed that someday there will be servers with 'Warband' speeds. I think the current game is fine for noobs (who we want to bring in to the game), and they will learn the basics there. But at some point they will get 'gud', and, while not quite ready for the 'elite' server, will go to the Duel server... which is another thing we need.

The nice thing is is that loser skilled players who get sick enjoyment out of killing noobs will never want to play on the current servers, and the current servers will give noobs a taste of what's to come, and perhaps teach them how to work as a team etc.

I just want to believe this is what TaleWorlds is doing
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