We can revisit your ban in a couple of months, feel free to message me then. by Dejan

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hello i got banned 9 month ago for reporting trolls ( reason is tk but if u have access to logs u can see that i didnt teamkill any player during this time )
, can u please revisit my ban history?
As i said before can u please check logs? after last ban i didnt teamkill any player cos i understand my mistakes. So how i can be fair banned for tkills or behavior if i didnt tk or troll anyone. U can check my k/d ratio all that i did it was solo cav but its not prohibited.Please check logs to see that iam telling true.
i got all m&b games u can see it in my steam acc i am really missing bannerlord siedges and cpt mode. I will not breake any rule as i did after last ban. I am still cant understand why i got banned becouse i was only reporting trolls after they teamdamaged me or my troops . Dejan please can u unban me iam so sorry and want to play bannerlord multiplayer so much please i wont hit any teammate anymore please dude. I am realy fan of M$B series


As a fellow Cav player it saddens me to see another Cav player being treated this way, surely someone could look into this.

Let this be a warning to all Cav Players
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