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nevermind the game is dead lmfao. i wasted money paying for the servers

NA has a long running tradition of killing off the game and then returning months later for no real reason. We appreciate (even if some of us don't say it) you spending your own money to provide a spot for us all the game for a bit, and you're of course justified in taking the servers down while no one is playing. I'd save the registration info tho, cause inevitably for some reason we'll all start playing for a few weeks sometime in the next 4-5 months lol


Step 1: Shut down the servers.
Step 2: Let the warband withdrawal symptoms slowly build up inside of NA players over the course of a couple months.
Step 3: Re-open the servers for another 2-3 months of unhealthy non-stop warbanding.
Step 4: Wait for everyone to burn out from playing too much warband all at once.
Step 5: Watch NA temporarily die.
Step 6: Rinse and repeat.
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