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Map Pool Discussion For North American Region

As many of you fellow bladers are aware, Warband Matchmaking for North America has been live again for a couple of months. It gets a consistent population every day since its release. I would like to thank all of you guys for keeping my servers alive, even though I don't do a great job of playing consistently :smile:

I have recently been hearing many complaints about the maps, and a lot of people wanting different maps to get in the rotation. Sadly, I cannot keep track of everyone's requests at the same time, so I have decided to make this thread about any suggestions for the map pool and the NA servers in general.

Below, I will post the maps that are currently in rotation, and the ones that are not.

Active Pool
Mapname (Ranged | Infantry | Cavalry)
Nord Town (2 | 5 | 2)
Fort of Honour (2 | 5 | 2)
Naval Outpost (2 | 5 | 2)
Castellum (2 | 3 | 3)
San'Di'Boush (2 | 5 | 2)
Reveran Village (2 | 3 | 3)
Verloren (2 | 5 | 2)
Legacy Town (2 | 5 | 2)
Mountain Fortress (2 | 5 | 2)
Dreiecksdorf (2 | 5 | 2)
The Cage (0 | 3 | 0)
Beairteasv2 (2 | 5 | 2)
Steppe Valley (2 | 5 | 2)

Reserve Pool
Mapname (Ranged | Infantry | Cavalry)
Vendetta (2 | 5 | 2)
Shariz Village (2 | 5 | 2)
Desolation Valley (2 | 3 | 3)
Aldea Dumar (2 | 5 | 2)
Slums Rush (2 | 5 | 2)
Tannenberg (2 | 5 | 2)
Egiin Gol (2 | 5 | 2)
Beairteas (2 | 5 | 2)
Barricade (2 | 5 | 2)
Waterfall (2 | 3 | 3)
Gradnica (2 | 5 | 2)
Gosgrad (2 | 5 | 2)
Bhaile (2 | 3 | 3)
Mountain Village (2 | 5 | 2)

I know some of you guys strongly dislike some of the maps, and some of you want some maps in the pool. I will post polls so I can see a general idea of what people like to see.

Important: EU folk, I love you all. However, please do not vote in the poll so I can have a clear understanding of what people in the North American region want.

Make sure to read the discussions below so you have an idea of what maps would be better for the game overall.
If you make a good argument about a particular map with enough support, I can remove or add it manually.

Please vote in the polls to let me figure out which maps you guys would like to see more, and which ones you want to see is removed. PLEASE consider that closed maps CANNOT be an overwhelming majority in the map pool.

Please feel free to leave any other suggestions and discussion below.

Contact: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128721883/
I made the polls in straw.io because I am a non-forum user and don't know how to do 2 polls at the same time. Excuse my boomer
Any new maps would be refreshing for everyone. Might as well use them while we still play

Im for removing dreicksdorf and naval outpost. The former because its just not fun, the latter because its all RNG and boat flag is too strong.

Also both maps are just huge for 6v6 in general
Any new maps would be refreshing for everyone. Might as well use them while we still play

Im for removing dreicksdorf and naval outpost. The former because its just not fun, the latter because its all RNG and boat flag is too strong.

Also both maps are just huge for 6v6 in general
Bruh dreicksdorf and naval outpost are fine. The only terrible map rn is nord town
I support removal of nord town, solely because 4/5 fights happen in the middle crossroads and its boring to play imo (im sure other people enjoy it just my two cents).

I support keeping Dreicksdorf, although id recommend allowing 3 cav cause every flag is very open, and it would allow for more interesting team comps. Inevitable GK bashing, but I actually love Dreicksdorf as a competitive map- it was my favorite map to call on back in the day, because theres actually a lot of strategy that goes into play with archer crossfire possibilities. Granted, no one likes being in a giant crossfire from halfway across the map, but i lost a round just the other day cause glitterball decided to cross the whole damn map just to shut me down in melee, ruining our crossfire etc etc.

Edit: I think the main issue people have with Dreicksdorf is not due to the map being broken, but because a significant number of players (not calling anyone out specifically) have terrible positioning. Positioning is obviously important on every map, but people have yet to understand where they need to be to not get shot to pieces. Dreicksdorf definitely encourages campy play, which can be really annoying, especially if you have 2 good archers on a team, but allowing for 3 cav could enable a team to power down those pesky crossfires, at the risk of being down an inf or archer themselves.

I support adding Tannenburg- there can be no arguments that it is too closed after we've included steppe valley, alto i think 6's meta might result in no cav being played. Tannenburg was definitely too compact for 8's, but I think would work great for 6's.
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I will let this thread be for another day or two. As far as I can see, you guys make good arguments about why Nord town should be removed. I will remove Nord Town and the top voted map alongside (probs dreicksdorf) and add the 2 most voted maps to the pool. If anyone has an argument to make about why a certain map from the list above should be included, please say so.
Dont remove dreicksdorf with one of the few maps with a different design. It’s not unbalanced and not op for any class. Every flag can be easy to defend and to attack at the same time AND it has room for cav without being too broken.
I’m in favor of removing Nord Town for the reasons stated, but I don’t think there is any map we could replace drieksdorf with right now that would be the same or better quality. There is no reason to remove a map if we can’t replace it with something better.

when I get home tomorrow I’ll post my map and we can discuss if we want to try it out or not.
idk how many responses you've received yet but u may be able to get more if the poll is on the mm client... unless you also want discussion. also, i dont know how any of these maps look is there an easy way to see pics
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