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What is Warband Matchmaking (WBMM)?

Warband matchmaking is a system developed which allows a style of practice that resembles the format which players experience in tournament matches. It is very easy for new players to pick up and only requires basic understanding of the game Mount&Blade: Warband before jumping into a realm of the competitive side of the game.

Warband matchmaking allows users to track basic statistical information such as Kills, Deaths, Wins, Losses and MMR which is a value that determines the skill level of each player. Currently in order to practice for tournaments, players usually resort to public battle servers which does not in any way resemble an actual competitive match.

Now players that are willing to sharpen their skills in preparation for big tournaments or just gain experience on the battle field can do so at any time using Warband Matchmaking rather than being restricted to arrange a private scrim or play on a public battle server.

Warband Matchmaking previously required a client which had over 2000 matches played, the client had to be downloaded onto the user's system for it to be functional. However, this time, we took it a step further and turned it into a web based application with the addition of many new features. The web based version allows easy and fast access for public users and is more convient for new users. Furthermore, the web based version makes life easier for the devs by allowing easy ammendments of current features and less hassle in deploying new features to the users.

Current Features:Planned Features:
• A matchmaking system involving the gamemodes: Battle (6vs6), Groupfighting (3vs3)
• A ranking system involving MMR which is determined by a combination of Wins/Losses/Kills/Deaths/Teamkills
• Statistical preview after the match ends
• Badges reflecting on your MMR - the higher your MMR, the greater your rank/status
• A chatting system which allows you to be able to chat to everyone.
• Leaderboards showing the top 25 players based on MMR, KILLS, DEATHS and WINS
• MMR punishment for players abandoning a match
• Friends system, you can now add friends and invite them
• Profile page where you can see your statistics for each gamemode
• Reporting players for various reasons (teamhit, troll, racist, toxic, etc.....)
• Donation system
• Community stats
• A new dueling feature
• A private messaging system on the website
• An option to create, register & confirm teams
• An option to play fully automated scrims & official matches
• Custom Titles for Top Seasonal players


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Also we shouldn't forget to mention Grimsight who started this idea in the first place.

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