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while u changed gamehost my ping has been changed from 55 to 110. I had similar problem before, during Bullez's 6v6 cup when u were using other host so i think that you're just back to your old host again. Has anyone run into the same problem? Just to be clear i have 30 ping on ts. It would be good to change it back or even fix this problem because i'd like to play in polish cup and ecs on my normal ping


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Just a small heads up to tell you that we'll give harsher punishment to players ruining matches in other regions. You guys are basically wasting our prime time (in an already small and weakened scene) by yolo charging as cavs or picking archer spots and shooting teammates in the back. There are some players who are good with high ping, but most aren't, so please stick to your region if you are going to troll or if you think that you won't be blamed for throwing games because of high ping. Remember as well that being banned in a region means you are banned in all regions. If this continues, we'll be forced to whitelist people in regions by banning people who are wasting our time. Be smart, stop trolling.

PS: I'm not for region locking because there are SAs and EUs who are actually in the NA queue to play seriously, the same way NAs go in the EU queue to play, but if we have to lock our regions, so be it.

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Poor petrol on the fire by ostracising well known players from the community.

Na jks but yeah Alyss has a point, not everyone is good at high ping combat.