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[WBL] Ruleset

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Tournament administration reserves the right to change and edit any part of the ruleset at any situation and timeline of the tournament.

1. Behaviour and Cheating.

1.) All participants of the tournament must be respectful and polite. That means that it's prohibited to use vulgar, insulting and racist words or slangs during the matches and on the forum thread. This also involves a use of inappropriate names.  It's mainly individual's and captain's responsibility to not violate this rule. Any violation of this rule will result in a response by administration of the tournament.

2.) All participants are prohibited to use any kind of third-party programs, which would somehow give their team an advantage. If Referee or opposite team's Captain spots anything suspicious, it's his responsibility to report such violation to Administration of the Tournament. In case there's a player caught cheating, he will be permanently banned from the tournament and his team instantly loses all the rounds he played in, this can also involve previous matches.

2. Tournament Rules

1.) Warband Blitz League consists of seeded qualifiers and KO stage.
2.) To make sure that the tournament is as fast and as fluent as possible, throughout the tourney, every match will be single elimination based.
3.) Qualifiers will take only 1 week and will consist of 2 matches done in a short period of time (7 days)

3. Scheduling

1.) If a team schedules a match, one of the captains should post in the forum thread or contact one of the referees concerning the match details.
2.) If a team fails to play a match by a specified deadline, default win will be given to their opponent.
3.) Teams are allowed to ask for an extension, however, there's no assurance that such request will be fulfilled.

4. Maps & Factions

1.) Fixtures with maps and factions for both - qualifiers and KO stage will be posted before the tournament starts.
2.) Each fixture will include one closed and one open/mixed map.
3.) Khergits will be removed from the faction list.

5. Roster Rules

5.1. Captains
1.) Captains are responsible for their team, any misbehaving, violations or things concerning their team will be also discussed between them and Tournament Administration.

5.2. Team Roster
1.) The Roster of each team is unlimited - captain and a second contact are mandatory.
2.) Each team will have additions allowed after the sign-up deadline. Additions won't be allowed after the qualifiers.
3.) It is strictly prohibited for a player to play for more than one team during the tournament.

6. Match Rules

6.1. Match Server
1.) Matches have to be played on one of the official servers provided.
2.) Both teams have to agree on the server. If the teams can't agree, the location of the server will be decided by Tournament Administration.
    • Official password for WBL servers is "wbleague"

6.2. Server Rules:
Combat Speed: Medium,
Friendly Fire: %100,
Round Time: 180 seconds,
Game Type: Battle,
Respawn time: 8 seconds,
Gold: All set to %100,
Camera: team member’s view.

6.3. Spectators

1.) External spectators aren't allowed.
2.) It's not allowed to spectate a match by joining one of the teams.
6.4. Warmup

1.) Both teams have 15 minutes to gather enough players (:cool: on the server. If they are not eligible to do so in 15 minutes, they will lose the match.
2.) Teams are allowed to ask for 2 resets every map. If a team asks for more resets, they must be allowed by a referee.

6.5. Match Format

1.) Each match consists of 2 sets played on each of 2 maps, thus 4 sets in total. After the first set on each map, the teams will swap spawns and factions. Each set will be won by the team that is the first to win 3 rounds. Each match will be won by the team with the most number of rounds at the end of 4 sets.
2.) Every match is played 8v8. If a team isn't able to gather at least 8 players, they have to forfeit.
3.) The team A starts on the first spawn on the first map, and on the second spawn on the second map.
4.) Each team captain is responsible for ensuring that a screenshot is made of each set result. Captains must be able to provide such screenshots if requested.

6.6. Substitutions

1.) Teams are allowed to change players after every set.
2.) Teams are not allowed to add a new player during the round. If a player drops out, a team is eligible to switch him after the round he was in ended.

7. Tie Breaker

1.) Due to the nature of the tournament, no match may end in a draw. Should a match end in a tie, the teams must play a tie-breaker.
2.) The tiebreaker is a first to 3, meaning the first team that wins 3 rounds wins the tiebreaker and thus the match.
3.) The tiebreaker has to be played on Winterburg.
4.) The faction used in tie-breakers is decided by an admin team and it has to be used on both sides.
      • Qualifiers faction: Swadia
      • Knock-Out Stage faction: Sarranids

8. Home-away

1.) NA teams are allowed to play their match home-away if the opposing team agrees with it.
2.) If teams can't agree on which server to use, the match will be played on an EU server unless stated differently by the admin team.

9. MOSS Anticheat

1.) Warband Blitz League will be using MOSS anti-cheat to prevent people from secretly using third-party software that can help them to gain any kind of advantage over other players.
2.) Files created by MOSS software have to stay untouched and they have to be uploaded on an online cloud service such as https://www.dropbox.com/ or https://cloud.google.com/, any kind of manipulating with the file will be detected later when sent to an authorized person for a review.
3.) If a player fails to upload required files, he will be strictly punished.
4.) If a player/team doesn't accept the use of MOSS software for any kind of reason, he won't be eligible to participate in the tournament.

• With accepting these rules, you are giving the authorized person/people a permission to see, review and manipulate with the MOSS files created on your computer. Concurrently, you are guaranteed that no harmful information from the MOSS files will be intentionally released to the public.

Authorized people (for reviewing):
  • Aeronwen
  • Deacon
  • Mork
  • OGL
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