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Considering how piss poor easy it is to cheat in warband, MOSS (or another form of anit-cheat) would actually prevent most of the current cheats. As mentioned before, there is never a fool-proof anti-cheat, just like you can't 100 percent stop hackers or spambots.

It is always a question of time investment, if you can make it more time consuming and difficult to do X, less people will do it.
The time it takes to use MOSS as a player, is considerably less time than it would take to make/buy/get a cheat that would bypass it.


Watly said:
Your statement "Moss prevents cheaters" implies that cheaters will no longer occur with the implementation of Moss. This is misleading, as you mean "Moss prevents cheaters to some degree."

Talk about getting bogged down in unnecessary arguments about the English language. There's no denying that moss would reduce the number of potential cheaters. The specifics of moss and how/if it should be implemented is what should be discussed.
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