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So what to say? This was my second tournament that I hosted and again, it was a great experience and I am looking forward to future series... It was the first tournament in which MOSS was introduced and even though it wasn't welcomed for obvious reasons, it has been used throughout the tournament and it helped us to ensure that long-time suspected player wasn't cheating. 

But let's move to our winners, sponsors and everyone else who participated in the tournaments or helped us in some way. The tournament has left us with 3 teams that made it to the top 3 places: Unity, Resurrected Kings, Aequalitas. 

              Congratulation goes to:


Yet again, my second tourney and it's also Unity who won both of them. Unity keeps showing that they are one of the best teams we currently have and with the 12:1 win in the finals, they have clearly shown their superiority in this tournament - big congratulations!


Resurrected Kings has been performing great beating FT and getting into finals. They fell a bit short in the finals loosing 12:1 to Unity but either way, great performance! - congratulations.


Aequalitas - another team that performed very well in the tournament almost easily securing the 3rd place. - congratulations.

              Thanks goes to:
  • All the teams and their captains for joining this tournament and actually making it happen.
  • Rome and Potesty for being a part of the Admin team and helping me in a great way.
  • All the players that decided to participate - for their patience, understanding and will.
Server Providers:
  • LordMetzger for donating us 6 servers located in Germany and for his help
  • Clan CCC for donating us 3 servers located in France.

Again, thanks to everyone and for everything, I can't possibly list everyone here, so I am doing it this way.

I have mentioned future series of WBL and even though I may not be the host next time (I am willing to relay it to someone else.) Either way, if I have enough time in the future, I will gladly host another WBL. Until then, I hope someone else steps up and ensures that we have more tournaments happening!

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