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Hello there, Artizan and I have decided to start a multiplayer, invasion like Zombie survival mod for ourselves, then decided to work on it a little bit more and release it for the community. We use OSP's for models and other things but also added some unique features. We are hoping to release the mod in a few days(maybe a week?),  we hope you will enjoy it!

We are not working on this mod at the moment. We may continue in the future though. We will start working on a project involving cryengine. Thanks to all who supported us for this project

New PATCH 0.5 Not yet released

Police Uniform (View in 3D)

Black Suit (View in 3D)

gomlek (View in 3D)

Ammo Bag (View in 3D)

combat bag (View in 3D)

Shirt and pants (View in 3D)


Mod Team:
-Artizan : Scripter,  3D modeller
-Nemeruis: Scripter, 3D modeller, textures, 2D art, Sounds, Musics, Map editor
-Belendor: Scripter
-BattalGaziTR: Rigs, animations
-Hayalperest: Scene prob 3D modeller
-Artintrex: Research

-Modern weapons and items
-New animations
-Exploding barrels
-New maps(lots of new models)
-Health and ammunition boxes
-Invasion type game
-New sounds
-New music
-and of course ZOMBIEEEES!

Creating Dedicated Server:
set_server_name SERVERNAME
set_pass_admin PASS
set_welcome_message WASSUP
set_enable_valve_anti_cheat 1
set_mission multiplayer_iv
set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_ranged_friendly_fire 1
set_auto_team_balance_limit 7
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 10
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 0
set_control_block_direction 1
set_bot_count 2 2
set_max_players 16 16
set_num_bots_voteable 20
set_map tbfc_invasion_4
set_map tbfc_invasion_1
set_map tbfc_invasion_3
set_map tbfc_invasion_5
add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_kingdom_invaders
set_randomize_factions 0
set_team_point_limit 150
set_upload_limit 100000000
set_port 7240
set_steam_port 7241
set_server_log_folder Logs
set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt

by QuailLover
Been playing as a sniper, and have been getting decently well at it. I've seen some things other snipers would do. Some of them good, and some of them bad. So here is a collection of hints by me, for snipers. And how to not hinder them.

So far they are utterly amazing at the City map. Hands down. It's harder to be one at Granny's house, but if you can snag the head-shots every-time in the beginning you should be good.

Equipment: When starting out, keep the starting rifle. Fill up on ammo, and get a pistol. Ditch the knife. You are utterly ****ed if you get into a melee.

Once you get money, and are able to get the next rifle, ditch the pistol and opt for more ammo. The second rifle does less damage in exchange for more shots per reload and a faster rate of fire. You can go through your ammo very fast. Thankfully you can spend 400 gp in match to get more ammo.

Third rifle, is a better version of the 2nd rifle. Would also ignore the pistol, and opt for ammo.

Fourth rifle, the .50 caliber, is my personal favorite. It will one shot kill, most zombies. It's a one shot, before a slow reload, but the sound of it firing is awesome. Now, you could opt for a pistol for this one, but I personally just load up with ammo.

In Match:
In the city map, chose an alley to cover. I like the center one, myself. And this is important. Never venture out in front of the barriers, if you don't have to. If a mob of zombies starts getting close. Switch to pistol (if you have it) and fire a few shots at them while running to a bunch of guys with more rapid firing weapons. They will notice a zombie horde running at them and will open fire. Return once it's safe.

Be sure not to focus on just your own alley. Keep an eye on how all the other alleys are doing. If your alley is doing fine support the other alleys that have a mob of zombies in your view. The right alley is pretty much ignored a lot, so that's where a lot of zombies will come from.

Steroid zombies: Now...there are two schools of thoughts on this in my opinion. Once the roids are in play every one concentrates on them. For good reason. They can kill you with one hit. Since most people are concentrating on it, the ignore the headless zombies that usually accompany the initial one. Usually what happens is that the roid zombie gets killed but the headless zombies get close and you enter a melee. So pick off the headless ones, and it would make it easier. Now if you have the .50 cal, do a mix of both. Get a shot into the roid, then a kill a headless. Then shoot the roid, then kill a headless. The .50 cal will wound it heavily. I've killed it with two shots with the .50 cal.

Covering everyone: I would say the sniper is important in supporting everyone. Support people in melees. Especially if they have multiple zombies on them. Keeps them alive longer, and they will thank you later.

"Roid Rage, and the *****": So there is one wave where it is a lot of Steroid Zombies. Get into the house on the right, and everyone make a kill-zone on the stairs. The Witch on the other hand, is a pain in the ass to hit as a sniper. Or as anyone for that matter. The kill-zone makes it easier.

Last Man Standing aka I'm ****ed: If you happen to be the last person alive, or the only one playing... Use the house to your advantage. Run around to get most of the zombies on you. Run to the house take a few shots. Jump off the ledge and reload. Fire again, and reload. If you can and do it again. Use the barrels if they are still around to.


Screenshots: (not too much SS,check Lifeless Mod for models)[email protected]/






We need...:
-random weather script
-crouch script
-pwmod gamemode script
-Advanced scripter

To do list:
*Ammo-box system will be revised. You will have the ability of dropping bags to ground for people to recharge their ammo.
*There will be a "break" time between waves.
*Fix for AI to not strike the barricades.
*Chopping heads.
*Mod will be ported over to 1.153, for WSE.
*Police uniforms will be done.
*Spitter from L4D2 will be brought into mod.
*Though zombie will be modified.

-Shredzor's OSP
-Arch3r's invasion OSP
-Modern buildings OSP
-Thel's OSP
-Polished Landscapes
-Revan Shan
-and WTF clan!


Timsah arena



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An idea that popuped in my head is, when u die u will respawn as an Zombie, and starts to kill ypure former friends.

Don`t now if is possible to do though.

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