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What story should this mod have?

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Originally called SimLifeRPG, I changed the name to Xobo for something more unique. This is a life simulation/adventure/RPG mod with an early 2000s flash/Newgrounds vibe (Pico's school)

Perma death system (planning on forcing the game to autosave when you die so once you die that's it)
Simdate system (Able to go on dates with hero NPCs and have children)
Better Ragdolls (In progress, the original warband ragdoll is attrocious with assymetrical bone settings and limbs crumpling at wierd angles ingame)
Gore system (possibly)
Main quest story
New World Map
Companion side quests
Reputation system
Permanent damage (battle wounds can take off attributes or skills)
Pacifist option (get a job, earn wages, climb the job ladder)
Randomly generated unique hero troops (town walkers, lords, and corporate bosses have this right now)

A world map called Xobo, set in contemporary times. The culture is inspired off of modern day Japan + modern day western influence (just like Calradia is insipired off of medieval europe mostly) with Nahuatl influenced names.


Dating system WIP

New skyboxes and cities

New models

New GUIs

The OG black BG from MB is back! Set's the mood more.

Flanged/HerryBawsack: Models and textures (I asked for permission to use his mod stuff several years ago and he said yes, I never took the opportunity until now)
LaGrandmaster: Reckoning OSP
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New companions

Added the ability to work a job and earn wages for pacifist playthroughs, so you're not forced to be warrior. Your job has a randomly generated boss hero troop, who you can interact with and climb up the corporate ladder.

You can recruit town walkers as hero companions, will add their own randomly generated personalities soon
(the name, appearance and clothing of this town walker was completely randomly generated)

character emotions

I don't get the point of the pacifist run. Is the goal of that to simply acquire wealth and buy everything?

Acquire wealth
Focus on story and characters
And just some people don't like violence, it's a RPG mod. It was originally called SimLifeRPG before I changed it to Xobo. It wouldn't be very RPG if you were forced to be a warrior or killer every single time. Also this mod has a real permanent death chance if you fall in battle, and by that I mean the game sets you statically and invisibly infinite camping on the map and forcibly auto saves when you die so if you die it's game over and have to start over from scratch, your companions can permanently die also. battles are dangerous
Also some NPCs like pacifist characters
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I think it's a sick feature. I would love to see how you handle the story interactions that can be solved with either violence or a more pacifist friendly option.
I think it's a sick feature. I would love to see how you handle the story interactions that can be solved with either violence or a more pacifist friendly option.
Thanks! A pacifist option would basically imply a dialogue focused RPG with the challenges being in exploring/finding things or choosing smart dialogue options and making sure certain charm/social related character skills are levelled up, or if you belong to certain clubs. I think I'll make it so as long as you're defending yourself the game will still recognize your character as a pacifist so it's not too restrictive, not sure if i can make the game detect that but I'll see.
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