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The problem is, is that I have little time to do it. Thats why I gave it to Wookie. Plus I've returned to working on my brain child mod, The Moonstone Remake, WHICH Havoc made scenes for me. (yay Havoc)
:eek:ff topic
QuailLover said:
(yay Havoc)
indeed :mrgreen:

can u not just upload those files into an alpha release cuz not many ppl know about this mod+i'll host server for a bit if i can and even if no-one gets it i'd LUV to bayonet some blu xenos ass :twisted:...
(but ffs don't make it a RAR file)...
First time I've heard of these curses.

I assume they represent many mods using WH40K and zombies as subject material, but then they're never finished?
-or at least until i kept getting followed by speed 9 orks or the black knight things :O

So come on qail (or wookie if he is alive somewhere) give us an alpha!! :grin:
Umm at the moment a playable alpha would accumulate about five hours of work at-least, for something the would be ultra crappy.

Not to mention the tau armor needs to be manually rigged. I can't do that.

It would also be for the original M&B, because if it would be for Warband, that would be an additional five hours of work.

WHICH I don't have time to do. Because of my classes, and I'm working on another mod at the moment.

And it would have to be a .rar file.
Reykjavikdragon said:
Guys I was thinking of Creating a 40k mod any one want to help?
guess you should pm Feuerzeuge, might be he'll help you out with this and that. or you could even join forces... currently he's into making a Necromunda mod
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