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Then bring forth a wookie medic and cros our fingers :grin:
-btw hi furok great mod idea

duz any1 know how to get screenshots form wings into here cuz i has an eldar sword?...

change that i now has a shuriken gun and swrd :grin:
-now ffs how can i get screenshots from wings into a USABLE picture file!!!!!!!


When I saw this in the subject list and then saw who the OP was, I was filled with joy that we may just get a good 40k mod. But, it looks as though we're not going to.

And come on people, can you imagine a good 40k mod in Mount and Blade? I can't. Without smearing the good name of Warhammer 40k, and just plain Games Workshop.

I suggest we all wait for a "good" game for modding that is based in a more modern time period. Therefore we could get some nice Gun animations and, dare I say, Automatic fire!  :razz:

Let this mod die guys. If it's still being worked on, sure, we can enjoy it for a while, but it's not going to be anything like what we want it to be.

Carry On.
ur probably right but ive been wantin a GOOD wh40k shooter/rpg for ages now (the original mod for 0.808 and fire warrior don't really count) and i'm not exactly gonna wait 2/3 years for the MMO to come out. So if u can find me a good wh40k mod/game other than exterminatus (which no-one plays unfortunatley) then i'll stop *****ing about this...
Dub said:
you used to be SLMC? i was a Crown Knight in SLMC....
And absolutely nobody cares.

Campin Carl, Wookie has been rather inactive lately. Not to mention he's working on another mod. I doubt this is alive.
Meh, I still have a large amount of the models, and textures. If anyone wanted to continue it, they could contact me for them.



Sum pics of an attempted croziuz arcanium
- and yes i know it sorta looks like a thunder hammer....

btw does any1 know how to make a skull EASILY, i can do the imperial eagle but fail at skull  :sad:
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