MP Sci-Fi Fantasy [WB] Warhammer 40k: Battle for the Imperium ALPHA v3 RELEASED.

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Yeah, there'll be different types of autoguns, autopistols, some of those will be available for guards, too. IG itself will have automatic lasgun carbine, hellgun and heavy bolter. Hotshot lasgun, as I know, is non-automatic but very powerful weapon.
Well its complicated, hotshots used to be sniper rifle, now they're the replacement for the hellguns, they have the ''rapid fire'' rule in the game.

Longlas are the new snipers.
as i understand it this will be a squad based game but it would be good to put a battle and conquest mode without bots so regments can be formed and NW regiments can get involved (ive also got a possible trailer storyboarded if your interested
I think this mod could really do with an open alpha version with just Cadians vs Chaos, with what you've got ATM, which is stunning. If you don't have the heretic models yet a red re-texture of the Cadians and that would do for the time being. The 40k audience has grown pretty large and they are dying for something like this, if you could spread the word with an alpha you'd have a lot of followers with a keen interest like myself.
Well, we're going to make pre-alpha test version of mod, when deserters will be done, but we're going to make it closed one, only for balance testing. But, we will need a lot of people to test it, (min. 30) so...
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