[WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.8.1 for 1.174

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Just to be sure I send the right thing, when I make changes to .txt files and run the compiler based on those files in the module folder, the ModSys files should have all the modded info in them, right?

What would be the best way to send you the files, anyway? Dropbox, Google Drive, email..?


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A module system is py files. And they are compiled into txt files, which are read by game.
Dropbox or google, as you like.


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# Called each time a window (party/inventory/character) is opened
# script param 1 = window no
# script param 2 = window param 1
# script param 3 = window param 2
# trigger result = presentation that replaces the window (if not set or negative, window will open normally)
("wse_window_opened", [
(store_script_param, ":window_no", 1),
(store_script_param, ":window_param_1", 2),
(store_script_param, ":window_param_2", 3),

#Game windows
window_inventory = 7
window_party = 8
window_character = 11
thank you !

I want to add more nodes to  upgrade troops, not sure If it's gonna work but Im gonna try to do it. If its gonna work I will only need  this one to return more nodes:
(troop_get_upgrade_troop,<destination>,<troop_id>,<upgrade_path>), #upgrade_path can be: 0 = get first node, 1 = get second node (returns -1 if not available)


"When i run it it says that im running an older/unssuporrted warband version and should get 1.170. I have Warband 1.173"

I am also seeing this issue.


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Hello, I have a lua mod that has been working fine with older WSE (4.5 I belive). Recently I updated to newest version, and now server is randomly crashing.

This is what I see in rgl_log after each crash: https://pastebin.com/Axem29qx
The line numbers point to rather random operations and are different  each time. Tried some debugging, but in the end im now clueless what is causing this. Can you help?
Thanks for all your work on this K700, it has helped expand the scope of our latest release massively.

One question I have is about some of the wse operations. It has been reported that stat changes using this operation only last for that particular session and don't save permanently on the item, is this intended or is it supposed to save? (item_set_body_armor, <item_kind_no>, <value>),
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