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[WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.7.8 for 1.174

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Yes, Swyter wrote yesterday that they have actually killed Mercurial support out of the blue months after the countdown elapsed twice and not going through. One can only hope that K700 or other fellows have made a backup of the repository.
Oh thanks :xf-grin:

Do you think it is possible to make a split screen with WSE? This can be so good.

I mean implementing a second camera and have the ability to change the cameras settings like changing the viewport rect (such as in Unity) and set a target for the camera. Maybe the second cam one can be a clone of the first cam?
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I was wondering, how do you managed to create custom operations and more ? I've seen you've used IDA Pro for developing wse. I'm very interested about understanding what you've done.
Anyone know what to do for the gog version? Did they include the script enhancer in the 2.0 version they made? Perhaps I could convince them to do so. Warsword conquest magic doesn't seem to be working right and I'm not sure if it's glitches or because I didn't use the script enhancer.
Yeah it was the lack of the enhancer. The magic works fine with trial version of the enhancer.

Oh so it's the trial version of the game because I didn't get it from Steam or Taleworlds. If I had known that I would have got the steam version. It's so frustrating I just want to cast fireballs in Warsword Conquest. Hope someone can help.
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Azonthriel- that is weird, why would the GOG version be a trial? If you have further set up issues with warsword conquest then you can join our discord and hopefully some of our regular posters can help.

Whenever I use player_set_skin it always gives me a script error saying the player number is incorrect even if I use (get_player_agent_no, <destination>), right before it. Is the player_set_skin a multiplayer only operation? Some discussions I have found suggests it should be usable in single player.


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get_player_agent_no returns agent_no, not player_no. player_set_skin a multiplayer only operation. Use instead

troop_set_type = 1505 # (troop_set_type, <troop_id>, <gender>),
# Changes the troop skin. There are two skins in Native: male and female, so in effect this operation sets troop gender. However mods may declare other skins.
Thanks for clarifying K700, that is a shame. I didn't use troop_set_type in this instance as I did not think it would change the agent skin in the middle of the battle which is what I need. As far as I am aware all changes using troop operations must be done before spawn or them to impact the battle, is that correct?
Our server crashes after a while again and again with access violation error. We are running a Persistent Kingdom server. Here are the logs:

> Info
Time: 01/11/2020 12:58:08
Type: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005, 0x00000008, 0x20E766D:cool:
> Stack trace
0x20E766D8 ??+0x20E766D8 (??+0x0)
0x0048D054 avrasya_dedicated.exe+0x8D054 (??+0x0)
0x02E0D164 ??+0x2E0D164 (??+0x0)
0x02E0D174 ??+0x2E0D174 (??+0x0)
0x421C1ADE ??+0x421C1ADE (??+0x0)
0x416983C5 ??+0x416983C5 (??+0x0)
0x02E04D78 ??+0x2E04D78 (??+0x0)
0x439F5BDC ??+0x439F5BDC (??+0x0)
0x434B115A ??+0x434B115A (??+0x0)
0x4216C503 ??+0x4216C503 (??+0x0)
0x02E04D78 ??+0x2E04D78 (??+0x0)
0x439F5BDC ??+0x439F5BDC (??+0x0)
0x421C1ADE ??+0x421C1ADE (??+0x0)
0x416983C5 ??+0x416983C5 (??+0x0)
0x416983C5 ??+0x416983C5 (??+0x0)

Could someone help us please :grin:


I'm in need of assistance. When I have WSE installed and opened it takes me to a registration page for my copy of Warband even though I bought it legit through steam. Is there anything I should do about that or should you?

And Why does it work for everyone else?


Is there any script enhancer for mb Wfas?. I want to install the pre battle orders and deployment mod v96.3. The version that ported the Wfas already is v.92.


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Currently 16.

1)compile skins limit easy bypassed
comment in process_skins.py
if len(skins) > 16:
skins = skins[0:15]

2)but you need to change the network protocol, now wse use 4 bits for skin value
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