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Warband Entrenched Version 1.1

M&B Repository Download page
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Module System version: 1.134

This adds an option to the camp menu to quickly entrench your camp site. If attacked while entrenched, you will fight from a fortified position. Not very useful for cavalry heavy armies, but very effective for armies with plenty of archers or that need to defend against cavalry. If ,while camping, you are attacked and did not take the time to entrench your position, you will fight at a disadvantage.
There is a different camp fortification setup for each terrain type.

Each camp scene has a hand made walk mesh that will help the attackers and defenders deal with the fortifications. There are no invisible walls or ai barriers used. For the most part, it works pretty good. You will occasionally see a few agents do something stupid, like run into a wall of spikes or drown themselves in a river.

********  INSTALL  ***********

To install the compiled version, extract the Warband Entrenched 7zip file to your desktop. Cut and paste the extracted folder into your modules directory. You should not be prompted to overwrite anything, unless you already have Warband Entrenched installed.

If you are a modder and want to add this to your mod, you should already know how to install it. Everything you need is in the source code folder. I do not have time to give step by step instructions on how to cut and paste from the .py files. All changes have been noted with the key word Tempered.

******* Permission to use or modify *********

Use and modification of this content is freely granted to all, with the exception of content created by those listed in the credits. Permission to use content listed in the credits must be obtained by their respective authors.

*******  Version History  *******************

    Updated to module system 1.134
    You can now make a siege camp which allows you to be entrenched while besieging a castle.
    This only helps if you are attacked by an outside party while besieging. It will not help against
    defenders sally, since they sally out before your entrenchments are finished.

    You can now inspect your camp from the camp menu. Useful for planning your defenses in advance. Dialog is currently disabled with camp residents.
    Note to modders. This release contains additional scenes (which are not yet complete) named scn_castle_1_siege_camp.sco, scn_town_1_siege_camp.sco,      etc. The code for using these scenes during a siege is commented out, but fully functional. If you wish to make your own siege camp scenes for the    60+ towns and castles, feel free to do so. You can use the scenes that are already completed as a reference.


Initial release for warband.
Ported from the native version and changed how entrenchment works.  You may now make entrenchments that last up to three days, and return to them at any time before they disappear. You can make as many of these entrenchments as time permits.

Added entrenchment scenes for desert environments.
Added cheat menu toggle to the camp actions menu for modding purposes. Don't be a cheater :p
Added the warband morale system to camp battles.
Tweaked auto resolve battles to be more realistic. Give it a try.
Added a morale bonus to player army for npc companions in the party.
Increased food amounts for bread and grain.
Decreased the amount of food a town can store for siege purposes. Also slowed the recuperation of food after a siege.
Decreased cost of village improvements.
Changed ideal size bonus for kingdom leader parties to reflect territory held. Was a flat 100 in native warband.
Increased bandit spawns and bandit aggressiveness slightly.
Added Info page describing how entrenchment works. You can find it under the notes/gameplay/camp entrenchment menu.

*******  CREDITS  ************************

Taleworlds, for a great game and modding support.
Adorno, for his work on many of the entrenchment scenes.


this sounds great, downloading  :grin:

i never noticed there was a version for M&B also, just saw it in your signature  (why not put link in Cartographers/Caravanserai? it's kinda lost in The forge & Pioneers)

edit : tested it, it's a great mini mod ! congratulation on your work !


Put it on Caravensarai plz. No one will notice it here. And btw talk to Darwin so he announces your mod on mods list.


Looks like great stuff!
I would definitely want to implement some of these features into my mod in the future.


Yukimura_Sanada said:
wait a min so this is the only entrechment for warband or not? r were your previous version for warband?

This is the only version for warband. The other kit in the forge is for M&B.

Other modders have implemented this in their mods and may have put it in Warband before this release. If so, they are using the old code and should update to this release.



Derra said:
Put it on Caravensarai plz. No one will notice it here. And btw talk to Darwin so he announces your mod on mods list.

Sorry, too lazy, too busy, and just don't care.


Updated the download at the M&B Repository.  I had forgotten to include the source code.  :oops:

Thanks Idibil for the heads up.


Does anyone know what those other pictures are? The ones that are in the photobucket album? I just want to know if they're from another mod, and if so which mod?


Bedroom Assassin
Some of them are from his Ranger Company mod: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1616


Thanks Adorno, too bad it's not for Warband, I was really looking forward to playing this but I guess I'll just have to wait until it's released for Warband.


Sergeant at Arms
is there a way to add this to a mod?
im not a modder i just would like to add this to some mods i have downloaded for extra fun.
can someone help me?


So Warband Entrenched isn't compatible with existing save games? When I try to load one up I get RGL error invalid number of item kinds.
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