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Mysterious_Pilgrim said:
i hope this turns out as good as it sounds.... persistent world is kind of dead in terms of rp nowadays :/(no offense to the mod though)

sadly true, although bear in mind PW mod was not an RP mod people just RP'ed on it. But yeah RP on PW has been dead for a long time now :/

Update Log 3(11/02/13)

Hey guys!
It was some time since I last posted an update but its time I think, I dont want you to think that we are dead afterall :razz:

Anyhow, work is going forward, even though at a slow pace which is also why I am going to add the following.
We need scripters, 3D Modellers, artists or people who would like to contribute in any other way... even if it is only their interest.
Please contact us if you can help, if you know someone that can help, a name could be helpful or make them contact us. Thank you in advance!

I have also created a Steamgroup, link below! Show your support and join it!

ModDB Page:
Steam group:

sounds like, for a comparison between this and pw, that pw is focused on economy while this mod would be focused on roleplay. Theoretically PW is the best medium for that kind of stuff right now but you can tell when someone robs you its not "I need money I'll rob someone" or even "they need to know their place" it's "maybe they will fight back so I can kill them". I think the simple change of looting which has been discussed can change this mind set greatly and I approve this mod (for what its worth)
clant said:
I approve this mod (for what its worth)
Cheers :razz:

Reip said:
Looks great so far! Keep up the good work and can't wait to see the new updates :grin:
Thank you!

GerDeathstar said:
Community representative and hallowed deity Miwiw invited me to your Steamgroup.
So, good luck and stuff!
Thank you! :wink:

e27 said:
I like me some vaegirs, count me in.
Vaegirs..? We got those! Welcome aboard! :wink:
Helluh helluh!!

Time to give some people a little update on how it's going.
Though the mod is far from done  :???: were getting on with alot of stuff!
More in my area is the scene. The screenies Anden has fed you so far are just a taste!
A new version is being made with some custom models and much more surprises (which I am not allowed to disclose ofc).
But were sticking with Theretors awesomesauce music.  :razz:

Hope to see you all soon, regards, Flandrien your friendly Swadian.
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